Friday, July 31, 2009

Embrace it gleefully


Moi's is gracefully contented and blessed.

At least such feelin embracing moi's freitag day thou somebody (you shud know urself) has pretty much of deteriorating moi's mood by his ('s you...perlulah nk mengemphasis secara details lagi) fake promise.

Anyway, ignore the slackness point and lets jotting down several reasons for moi to be gleed

shall we???



since the day moi get notified about the promotion last is soo grateful...syukur alhamdullilah...all the efforts moi pull off for the job is worth to every bits of it.

Only Allah swt knows how moi have to sacrifice as working in call centre industry is pretty much challenging due to its vary working sat & sun off...maybe alternately but yeah it hards to get weekends off.

second: is payday...our company payroll will be credited only on last day of the month...yupp...(nangis air mata darah nk tgu gaji masuk).


moi got letter from SPA for PTD post last week...not the interview session but got to attend the exam at convent peel,kl on 8/8/ will definite go for it...

so it's a high time for some studying...gosh moi's knowledge about politic, history, parliment and all malaysia thingy is truly limited...caiyok caiyok!!! muahahahaha

So, presenting u'ols the book that moi going to read this week till exam...
hope moi's brain gonna be just like a sponge to absorb all the information and able to digest it all too...wakakaka
title of the book: "Malaysia Kita"

couldnt wait any longer to find out how bored it's gonna be...ohhh let's yawn =(

Malaysia Kita
: 10 chapters (598 pages)

ohh...time flies pretty fast. It's almost 5pm. Time to chow.








Happy Weekend u'ols...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An ink drops of moi's thought

A quick note

An avid singledome (ignore moi's r/s denial of mr.AIA) urbanite so-called-an-IT-sassy
who splurge too much...

savour every bite of good-yummy-foodie tooo much...

but exercises toooo lil' that end moi up to the great domokness...


so here moi desperately need to confess that...

...a place to meroyan dan meraban is urgently needed

...a new channel to portray moi so-called-ainliciousity-walk-of-life start a blog with a warmth heart for the sake of sharing

Nevertheless, an ink drop of moi's thought is for your own interpretation...