Friday, August 28, 2009


Salam and evening,

It's friday pray time. Moi likey soo much! Reason: less people less chaios...muahaha

Anyway, last tues's nite moi and betty went for our 8-th treatment so-called "Ramadhan-Spa" at True Spa. hehe

Yeah, it's our monthly routine to get pampered after all the busyness. Well, it's so moi-way of channeling out the stressness and it works every time.

Moi love this massaging thingy because after done the "spa"ing session, it feels really rejuvenate and so damn refreshing. All the nerves that is tangled, the back acne can be healed by the massage.

Normally, the treatment will take approximately 2 hours. Start with relaxing hydrobath and proceed with main treatment based on moi's preferences. The best part of all is when all treatments being done inside the VIP suite...woooilaa (rasa seperti princess yg dibelai dgn penuh kasih sayang...bley nk berangan jap!!! wakakaka)

Foot massage area

Foot massage

Dipping foot for special feet solution

Pose perasantan =)

True Spa Compound

"Spa"ing with bestie, Ms Betty

Fish spa's almost 2pm...gotta go.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Salam to all,

Alhamdulilah syukur to Allah swt for the blessing throughout this holy fasting month.

It's been a week already we all muslims being fast...

Time flies pretty fast and not to forget that it's only 3 weeks for Aidilfitri. Yeay!!!

Thus, moi got to plan for "cuti raya" requests. Hope it will be approved since moi asked for 1 week off. Hopefully laa they grant it... Amin (muahaha siap berdoa ni hehe sure2 la nk raya sakan kan!!! ;p)

So far, ramadhan for moi is a holy month that only comes once a year. And because of that, moi really want to improve moiself and to savour every bits of it.

Not to just fasting but to perform good deeds too. To complete whats not. To improve whats not.
And most importantly, to savour every bits of ramadhan with cleanse heart. Insyaallah...=)

This week has been very hectic. Loads and loads of reports and documentations need to be settled. Coaching and training classes all in one pace. Gosh, But, things is under control and syukur moi manage to handle it all with senior's guidance. Zillion thanks and really heart u'ols.


Will update some pics during terawih later okkey!!! (sempat je mensnappykan diri hahaha)

terawih with ekin

morray time

Moi wishing all muslim Selamat berterawih...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak



Only a day left for Ramadhan. The fasting month that brings 1001 "hikmat"...
syukur alhamdullilah

Moi wish that this holy month will bring togetherness, may strengthen our faith & imaan to Allah swt and hoping to demolish moi's sins and to purify the souls & heart...



Selamat Berpuasa semua...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Knowledge & Development

Evening u'ols,

It's been a pretty brand new week for moi.

Started new work job which is quite interesting for moi's future exploration...yeay!!!

Anyhow, there's nothing much to be yeay to since before moi able to fully practise the real task of so-called-teaching (class training), definitely moi need to undergo probation time for 3months...

So, if u'ols aware what exactly the meaning of "probation-time", lets moi emphasize that it has to be a buddy-senior-membuli-moi-yg-sedia-utk-dibuli hahaha nayy kiddin)

But, moi take it in a positive way (konon2 tegar...hampeh) ;P
Nevertheless, moi kinda like the coaching session with new recruits.

p/s: Coaching is moi 1st testing work task. Moi likey...muahahaha

So, today as per norm (moi-so-called-habitual-activity hehehe) moi have planned to watch movie with mr.AIA.

We booked the tickets for Cold Prey II at 9.50pm.

Remeber the previous entry that moi been discussed about upcoming movies.

Due to pretty late show time, to kill our time then maybe we'll have our dinner nearby the curve area or maybe moi wanna get some inspiration by sight-seeing at Ikea... cool!!! plus bley makan meatballs...sgt suke wakaka...


Friday, August 14, 2009

Pulut Kuning...

Salam to all,
Syukur alhamdulilah to Allah swt the Almighty for the blessing throughout moi's career.

It's time to say goodbye to all TM staffs and thanks you all so much for the co-operation, sharing with moi their advance technical knowledge and not to forget their kindness of treating moi with delicious foodie all the time.

Thank you guys so much.

It's very hard to say goodbye.

Today, after meeting we all have a warm-hearted farewell party (moi rather call it jamuan mkn-mkn)

They are so generous to make a pulut kuning and rendang to celebrate moi's promotion.

Moi is purely contented, saddened and having a mixture of undefine feeling.

Thanks for the foodie (soo cedappp finger lickin good)

fave kueh moi "appam"

rendang ayam

pulut kuning

With lots of love from deepest of moi's tiny lil heart...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beijing / Tianjin up next...

Evening u'ols,

Ohh gosh moi so busy as a bee...hehehe

Have to ensure moi prepare both moi's trainee to be as competent as moi (hahaha perasantan aku ini...jom lariksss). So done with last training. Lets blogging.

Last night, moi got sms from ms.anis. Moi's beloved travel partner ever whom has confirmed the flight tickets to Beijing for next year trip. Yeay!!!

We are so damn lucky to get the latest Airasia International promotion. Credit to Airasia, anis, farid, emon, nisha, emi and anyone relates. Heart u'ols.

So, without wasting any time. Moi have started to do some research for Beijing's itinerary.

Jom sama-sama kite meroyan by looking at these enormously-beautiful-damn-spectacular places in China.

  1. Great Wall

    Tembok Besar China zillion stairs to hike

    cold season - autumn time

  2. Forbidden City

"tandu" untuk maharaja-maharani

Kota Larangan

  • Tiananment Square
  • Summer Palace (Lake Kunming)

  • Dynasty Ming Wax Museum

  • Zhongshan Park

  • Zhongshan Park during winter

    salji is everywhere

    sgt chaanteek wokeyy!!!

  • Tibetan Temple
  • Niu Jien Ancient Mosque
  • Well, the lists will never end so moi better stop now.

    Definitely gonna update later with more pics.

    Anyway,credits to all pics taken by generous forumers whom love to share.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Calm W'day...

    Such a calmly day...

    Today moi's office is quite calm, silent and less busy that usual, it's because many colleagues on medical cert. Wish them get well soon and hope nothing is serious...(yela kan nowadays many fatal cases sebab H1N1 ni so takut gak la)

    It's only 2 days left for moi to be based in KLJ exchange. Tomorrow TM staffs will held a small farewell party and conjunction with upcoming Ramadan.

    Moi have been based in TM for the last 6 months and to start moi's new promoted job is truly challenging. It's definitely not "a-piece-of-cake" kinda job when the work scopes itself require moi's credibility in handling the new batch recruits for 1st level call centre. Sound tough huh??? moi got goosebumps to even just think about it in mind. =(

    Anyway, suddenly out of nothing moi feel like wanna go for a movie today after work. But no idea what movie to watch and seriously unable to decide yet...(apa movie nk tgk ni aduhaaai)

    But whatever it is, being freakishly as a movie maniac and eagerly looking forward for upcoming box-office movies is totally moi's thing.
    1. Final Destination 4 - sneak preview on 27 August 2009


    When nick o'Bannon had a premonition of a race car fatally crashing and instantly killing his friends in the most gruesome way, he decided to just shake it off. But when everything looks so real, he began to panic and persuaded the other teenagers to leave the place immediately. Soon after, debris began to fly and his dreams turn into tragic reality. As for nick along with his girlfriend, Lori and his best friend, this is just a beginning. When survivors began to die one by one in the most horrifying way one can imagine, Nick must think of ways to cheat Death once more.

    Ohh moi fave horror/thriller movies ever. Moi never missed of watching the previous Final Destination 1 - 3. Though it's quite stereotype in term of storyline but nayy ada aku tetap suke wokeyy??? muahahaha

    2. Cold prey II (Norwegian movie) - launching on 13 August 2009


    During the winter of 2006, 5 teenagers faced a brutal tragedy in Norwegian mountains and only girl survived. Frozen and weak, Jannicke is brought back to a local hospital. But the nightmare is not over.

    Mmm seems to be quite trillery. Moi like it so definitely will go watch it. Huhuhu

    3. The Ugly Truth - preview on 10 September 2009


    The battle of the sexes heats up in Columbia Picture's romantic comedy. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left hopelessly single. She's in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her up with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick.

    Moi so keen of watching hilarious romantic comedy so this upcoming movie is gonna be a must-watch-movie...!!!

    Now it's time to make a move to TTDI exchange for "jemputan makan-makan"...(yeay saya sgt suke majlis mkn2 ni because i am such a good eater with big appetite...arghh mati la bertambah domoksss aku ini...wakakaka)

    Moi is back from "melantakss" the irresistible nasi beriani at TTDI...(sgt sedapp the lauk-pauk smp lupe nk snap pics)

    So, while happily doing some works and at the same time moi alternately doing some irrelevant "kerja" like chatting, facebooking and of coz blogging.

    In the middle of checking moi's other significant one's fb, moi bumped into something that really pissed moi off. Moi straight away called that person to clarify on something.

    So, to that particular person, here listen to moi sincere advises.

    First, go get some brain scan bcoz moi believe your is totally corrupted. If your family give up on you, so do moi. Pretty sad to see you wasted your time doing nothing. Please wake up and be a responsible person.

    Second, we as a human being there are always many choices to choose. Allah swt will help us but it only happens when we struggle for it. If you just sit back and waiting for miracle to occur, that's nothing moi or any other people can do about it. Pity you. Hope Allah swt open up your heart and give you "petunjuk".

    Moi is mentally distorted and emotionally distracted.

    Thanks to you for making your life, moi's life and most importantly our life miserable.

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Quite hectic...

    What a blissful monday

    Today is simply another plain monday.

    This morning moi having pretty heavy meal for breakfast so during lunch time moi only make a hot white coffee while trying to multitask between work and blogging. Muahahaha

    Weekend was pretty packed. Obiviously no time for blogging so here am moi to recap back every single things that occurred this weekend.

    Saturday : 8/8/09

    Moi woke up quite early and got to be ready for PTD exam.

    Drove all the way from mutiara damansara heading to smk convent jln peel near the Jusco Tmn Maluri.
    It took approximately 30 mins to reach there. Exam started at 9.00am so moi make sure to get there 30 mins earlier.

    The exams consists of 5 parts.
    1. Part 1: Basic knowledge about Malaysia - 40 Q's (Objective) -- simple Q's about Malaysia which moi barely aware of (saya menjawab secara kantoi je aduhaiii)
    2. Part 2: Mathematic - 40 Q's (Objective) -- time-constraint + skill pengiraan math saya agak kurang memberansangkan dan sgt another kehampehhhan la jwbnye =(
    3. Part 3: Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Inggeris - 20 Q's (Objective) -- paper ni je yang confidence boleh buat kot...hehehe
    4. Part 4: Essay Bahasa Malaysia - 3 general Q's -- moi chose H1N1 topic because we heard about it on daily least ada gak idea nak merapu and meraban btul tak???
    5. Part 5: Essay Bahasa Inggeris - 3 general Q's -- topic in academic qualification...mmm quite ok laa...pandai2 la mengoreng!!! wakakaka

    Finally at 4.30pm the exam ended. Yeay!!! Syukur.

    Sunday : 9/8/09

    It was girls day out. Moi went to KL with moi's bbf ms.betty



    We parked the car at lrt Tmn Bahagia. Moi decided to use lrt because it's more convenient. Not to worry about traffic, parking and so forth. So, from station Tmn Bahagia to station Pasar Seni we decided to see-sighting inside the CM (Central Market) building. Ohh it's been an ages since moi last visit to Pasar Seni.

    Central Market/Pasar Seni

    The place is pretty much like a museum. A lotsa malaysian cultural thingy which are incredibly exotic and unique. So without hesitate and segan-silu, we pretty much acting like we are foreigner taking pics here and there.

    Ancient china doors

    Moi with ms.betty

    Moi in Balinese ancient store

    Unique deco-thingy

    amoire' amor

    Save earth by smart-recycling...muahaha

    Definitely over-acting and soo damn poyo...hahaha please do ignore moi. ;p

    Betty and moi not to miss our cendul at LRT Taman Bahagia. Such a breezy evening and prefectly a good time to take a quickie break with cendul...yummy!!!

    take 5: cendul time

    w-shoping @ MNG

    G.I.Joe @ cineleisure

    betty hearts greenitos

    curve flea market

    Ohh enough with pics. And please proceed to throw up or something after seeing all of our perasantan pics.

    Lastly, and our last destination of the day is cinema at c-cinema @ curve (formerly known as cineleisure).

    We bought ticket to watch G.I.Joe at 6.45pm and we still have ample time for w-shoping at curve area...yeay!!! (saya suke jln2 kt flea market even both legs dah sengal2 and lenguh2 mcm nk patah) muahaha

    Our Girl-Day-Out mission is accomplished. =)

    Friday, August 07, 2009



    It's 9.30am...

    Today, moi got appointment for moi's car to be serviced at proton mutiara service centre. It's 2nd service for 5000km. Now, the mileage has reached 8000++ so it's time to check the overall conditions and obiviously need 'lil attention to fix its minor problems.

    After settled logging the complaints and left the car to be serviced, moi staight away heading to Starbuck the curve for morning cuppa (does ice blended counts as morning cuppa??? dont think so hehehe)


    cam-whoring-while-waiting =)

    morning cuppa with caramel blended

    Ohh anyway, back to moi's persona which is soo not mempesonakan, moi's ride got lotsa problem thou it's minor but arghhh really annoying.

    Well, here moi list the reasons why moi said so:
    1. The fuel gas's door cannot be opened by pulling the fuel's tab. So what moi need to do is to ask the pump attendant to help moi by pushing the door while moi pulling the fuel's tab. Really inconvenient.

    2. The co-driver back door stucked and need to be open and close manually. So annoying.

    3. The power point isnt properly function because sometimes moi's modulator doesnt working well.

    All of the listed problems is still under warranty. So, yeay no need to pay. Total bill only costs moi RM90.90. Pretty cheap huh??? And the best part about it is when the sales advisor gives moi RM50 cheque. Yeay again.

    Cheque from Proton ( rejekiii namanye... =) )

    Actually, mr.AIA has promised to come and fetch moi as we have planned to find moi's venue for PTD exam at smk convent jln peel. Moi didnt really sure where it is located even after google mapped it. (ya ampunsss, saya mmg buta direction huhuhu)

    pose dlm kete mr.AIA (saya mmg sengal wakakaka)

    After checked out the venue, mr.AIA has to rush back for friday's pray. He asked moi to stay at his house. Moi stayed for a while and have a chit-chat with his mum. Lupe plak nk snap pic aunty. She's was busy masak-memasak la that time =)

    mr.AIA gan his fatso "ganu"

    8 kilos "ganu" (sooo domoksss seperti saya huhu)
    That's all for now yer...
    Cant wait for tomorrow ---> Girls Day Out.....yeay!!! sgt suke-suki u'ols...

    Thursday, August 06, 2009

    Moi <3 The proposal

    Salam and morning,

    Wednesdays is moi's best weekday of the week.

    Yup seriously...

    Moi loves to watch movie on every weds because
    1. ticket price is cheaper compare to weekends. Its normally between rm6 or rm7 and definitely below rm10. (tips on how to save moi's budget and have extra bucks for foodie...wakakaka)
    2. Less people and obviously not so crowded on weekdays compare than moi right? and moi doesnt have to worry about parking lots too.
    3. Talking about parking lots - yeah normally on weekdays the parking fee is probably rm1 or rm2 per entry compare to weekends which being paid by hours (freakishly save every penny...muahaha)
    Am moi too calculated or maybe too stingy when it comes to money...
    hell no...
    moi just practise new concept of "smart splurging" which define it has to be

    "spend less and save more" (yeay!!! ohhh tidakkks)

    Anyway enough talk about money or anything relates to it...

    So, last night moi and mr.AIA went for a movies. Moi bought 4 tickets 2 for us and for moi's bff couple put and ali.

    We watched the proposal. Very subtle and light romantic comedy. Heart it.

    Moi want to see G.I.Joe but it's fully seated. Only the front seats available so nayy maybe next week then.

    It was pretty hard to get thru the online booking in cathay cineleisure damansara. No idea why? Probably the server was down so moi couldnt check on the showing time. So, after rushed back from work moi straight away booked the tickets from the counter.

    Well, luckily we got the tickets at 7.15pm. Lets snappy.

    mr.ali + ms.ekin + mr.AIA

    moi's bff + moi's bfm

    moi's lovely gf








    After finished movie, we straight away headed home without getting our usual cuppa.

    Miss my lil beddy already. Muahahahaha

    Buhbyee... ;p