Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Al fatihah...

Recite al fatihah for mr.AIA's mak ngah


Last night, after finished work mr.AIA asking if moi want to join the tahlil ceremony held after "isyak" solat.

At first, moi didnt really have the mood to go because of moi's still having menstrual pain. It was really discomfort but since mr.AIA's mum invited moi to come over then moi couldnt say no and just agreed to come.

Mr.AIA came to fetch moi. The tahlil ceremony was started right after "isyak" solat. Many relatives of mr.AIA seemed to occupy the hall so moi just trying to squeeze in the corner of the hall near the kitchen (terpaksa la menyelitkan diriku yg tak berape nk kurus ni kan kt celah2 bedah kan). =(

Moi couldnt be able to recite the "yassin" so moi silently listened to it in heart. The doa really touched moi. It was such a saddened moment.

After done with yassin and doa, they served the quests with catering food.

Moi's didnt have an appetite to eat (perlulah perutkuu sakit time lauk-pauk enak dihidangkan) but only asked mr.AIA to bring some deserts, bananas and only dishes without rice as per requested (saya mmg suke mengada-ngada time pms) muahahaha

Done with eating and chatting session with mr.AIA relatives, definitely time to make a move then.

Here how i dressed to the tahlil ceremony.

hijjab: credit to betty's collection
moi's white baju kurung


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