Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beijing / Tianjin up next...

Evening u'ols,

Ohh gosh moi so busy as a bee...hehehe

Have to ensure moi prepare both moi's trainee to be as competent as moi (hahaha perasantan aku ini...jom lariksss). So done with last training. Lets blogging.

Last night, moi got sms from ms.anis. Moi's beloved travel partner ever whom has confirmed the flight tickets to Beijing for next year trip. Yeay!!!

We are so damn lucky to get the latest Airasia International promotion. Credit to Airasia, anis, farid, emon, nisha, emi and anyone relates. Heart u'ols.

So, without wasting any time. Moi have started to do some research for Beijing's itinerary.

Jom sama-sama kite meroyan by looking at these enormously-beautiful-damn-spectacular places in China.

  1. Great Wall

    Tembok Besar China zillion stairs to hike

    cold season - autumn time

  2. Forbidden City

"tandu" untuk maharaja-maharani

Kota Larangan

  • Tiananment Square
  • Summer Palace (Lake Kunming)

  • Dynasty Ming Wax Museum

  • Zhongshan Park

  • Zhongshan Park during winter

    salji is everywhere

    sgt chaanteek wokeyy!!!

  • Tibetan Temple
  • Niu Jien Ancient Mosque
  • Well, the lists will never end so moi better stop now.

    Definitely gonna update later with more pics.

    Anyway,credits to all pics taken by generous forumers whom love to share.

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