Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calm W'day...

Such a calmly day...

Today moi's office is quite calm, silent and less busy that usual, it's because many colleagues on medical cert. Wish them get well soon and hope nothing is serious...(yela kan nowadays many fatal cases sebab H1N1 ni so takut gak la)

It's only 2 days left for moi to be based in KLJ exchange. Tomorrow TM staffs will held a small farewell party and conjunction with upcoming Ramadan.

Moi have been based in TM for the last 6 months and to start moi's new promoted job is truly challenging. It's definitely not "a-piece-of-cake" kinda job when the work scopes itself require moi's credibility in handling the new batch recruits for 1st level call centre. Sound tough huh??? moi got goosebumps to even just think about it in mind. =(

Anyway, suddenly out of nothing moi feel like wanna go for a movie today after work. But no idea what movie to watch and seriously unable to decide yet...(apa movie nk tgk ni aduhaaai)

But whatever it is, being freakishly as a movie maniac and eagerly looking forward for upcoming box-office movies is totally moi's thing.
  1. Final Destination 4 - sneak preview on 27 August 2009


When nick o'Bannon had a premonition of a race car fatally crashing and instantly killing his friends in the most gruesome way, he decided to just shake it off. But when everything looks so real, he began to panic and persuaded the other teenagers to leave the place immediately. Soon after, debris began to fly and his dreams turn into tragic reality. As for nick along with his girlfriend, Lori and his best friend, this is just a beginning. When survivors began to die one by one in the most horrifying way one can imagine, Nick must think of ways to cheat Death once more.

Ohh moi fave horror/thriller movies ever. Moi never missed of watching the previous Final Destination 1 - 3. Though it's quite stereotype in term of storyline but nayy ada aku tetap suke wokeyy??? muahahaha

2. Cold prey II (Norwegian movie) - launching on 13 August 2009


During the winter of 2006, 5 teenagers faced a brutal tragedy in Norwegian mountains and only girl survived. Frozen and weak, Jannicke is brought back to a local hospital. But the nightmare is not over.

Mmm seems to be quite trillery. Moi like it so definitely will go watch it. Huhuhu

3. The Ugly Truth - preview on 10 September 2009


The battle of the sexes heats up in Columbia Picture's romantic comedy. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left hopelessly single. She's in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her up with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick.

Moi so keen of watching hilarious romantic comedy so this upcoming movie is gonna be a must-watch-movie...!!!

Now it's time to make a move to TTDI exchange for "jemputan makan-makan"...(yeay saya sgt suke majlis mkn2 ni because i am such a good eater with big appetite...arghh mati la bertambah domoksss aku ini...wakakaka)

Moi is back from "melantakss" the irresistible nasi beriani at TTDI...(sgt sedapp the lauk-pauk smp lupe nk snap pics)

So, while happily doing some works and at the same time moi alternately doing some irrelevant "kerja" like chatting, facebooking and of coz blogging.

In the middle of checking moi's other significant one's fb, moi bumped into something that really pissed moi off. Moi straight away called that person to clarify on something.

So, to that particular person, here listen to moi sincere advises.

First, go get some brain scan bcoz moi believe your is totally corrupted. If your family give up on you, so do moi. Pretty sad to see you wasted your time doing nothing. Please wake up and be a responsible person.

Second, we as a human being there are always many choices to choose. Allah swt will help us but it only happens when we struggle for it. If you just sit back and waiting for miracle to occur, that's nothing moi or any other people can do about it. Pity you. Hope Allah swt open up your heart and give you "petunjuk".

Moi is mentally distorted and emotionally distracted.

Thanks to you for making your life, moi's life and most importantly our life miserable.

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