Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Knowledge & Development

Evening u'ols,

It's been a pretty brand new week for moi.

Started new work job which is quite interesting for moi's future exploration...yeay!!!

Anyhow, there's nothing much to be yeay to since before moi able to fully practise the real task of so-called-teaching (class training), definitely moi need to undergo probation time for 3months...

So, if u'ols aware what exactly the meaning of "probation-time", lets moi emphasize that it has to be a buddy-senior-membuli-moi-yg-sedia-utk-dibuli hahaha nayy kiddin)

But, moi take it in a positive way (konon2 tegar...hampeh) ;P
Nevertheless, moi kinda like the coaching session with new recruits.

p/s: Coaching is moi 1st testing work task. Moi likey...muahahaha

So, today as per norm (moi-so-called-habitual-activity hehehe) moi have planned to watch movie with mr.AIA.

We booked the tickets for Cold Prey II at 9.50pm.

Remeber the previous entry that moi been discussed about upcoming movies.

Due to pretty late show time, to kill our time then maybe we'll have our dinner nearby the curve area or maybe moi wanna get some inspiration by sight-seeing at Ikea... cool!!! plus bley makan meatballs...sgt suke wakaka...


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