Thursday, August 06, 2009

Moi <3 The proposal

Salam and morning,

Wednesdays is moi's best weekday of the week.

Yup seriously...

Moi loves to watch movie on every weds because
  1. ticket price is cheaper compare to weekends. Its normally between rm6 or rm7 and definitely below rm10. (tips on how to save moi's budget and have extra bucks for foodie...wakakaka)
  2. Less people and obviously not so crowded on weekdays compare than moi right? and moi doesnt have to worry about parking lots too.
  3. Talking about parking lots - yeah normally on weekdays the parking fee is probably rm1 or rm2 per entry compare to weekends which being paid by hours (freakishly save every penny...muahaha)
Am moi too calculated or maybe too stingy when it comes to money...
hell no...
moi just practise new concept of "smart splurging" which define it has to be

"spend less and save more" (yeay!!! ohhh tidakkks)

Anyway enough talk about money or anything relates to it...

So, last night moi and mr.AIA went for a movies. Moi bought 4 tickets 2 for us and for moi's bff couple put and ali.

We watched the proposal. Very subtle and light romantic comedy. Heart it.

Moi want to see G.I.Joe but it's fully seated. Only the front seats available so nayy maybe next week then.

It was pretty hard to get thru the online booking in cathay cineleisure damansara. No idea why? Probably the server was down so moi couldnt check on the showing time. So, after rushed back from work moi straight away booked the tickets from the counter.

Well, luckily we got the tickets at 7.15pm. Lets snappy.

mr.ali + ms.ekin + mr.AIA

moi's bff + moi's bfm

moi's lovely gf








After finished movie, we straight away headed home without getting our usual cuppa.

Miss my lil beddy already. Muahahahaha

Buhbyee... ;p

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