Friday, August 07, 2009



It's 9.30am...

Today, moi got appointment for moi's car to be serviced at proton mutiara service centre. It's 2nd service for 5000km. Now, the mileage has reached 8000++ so it's time to check the overall conditions and obiviously need 'lil attention to fix its minor problems.

After settled logging the complaints and left the car to be serviced, moi staight away heading to Starbuck the curve for morning cuppa (does ice blended counts as morning cuppa??? dont think so hehehe)


cam-whoring-while-waiting =)

morning cuppa with caramel blended

Ohh anyway, back to moi's persona which is soo not mempesonakan, moi's ride got lotsa problem thou it's minor but arghhh really annoying.

Well, here moi list the reasons why moi said so:
  1. The fuel gas's door cannot be opened by pulling the fuel's tab. So what moi need to do is to ask the pump attendant to help moi by pushing the door while moi pulling the fuel's tab. Really inconvenient.

  2. The co-driver back door stucked and need to be open and close manually. So annoying.

  3. The power point isnt properly function because sometimes moi's modulator doesnt working well.

All of the listed problems is still under warranty. So, yeay no need to pay. Total bill only costs moi RM90.90. Pretty cheap huh??? And the best part about it is when the sales advisor gives moi RM50 cheque. Yeay again.

Cheque from Proton ( rejekiii namanye... =) )

Actually, mr.AIA has promised to come and fetch moi as we have planned to find moi's venue for PTD exam at smk convent jln peel. Moi didnt really sure where it is located even after google mapped it. (ya ampunsss, saya mmg buta direction huhuhu)

pose dlm kete mr.AIA (saya mmg sengal wakakaka)

After checked out the venue, mr.AIA has to rush back for friday's pray. He asked moi to stay at his house. Moi stayed for a while and have a chit-chat with his mum. Lupe plak nk snap pic aunty. She's was busy masak-memasak la that time =)

mr.AIA gan his fatso "ganu"

8 kilos "ganu" (sooo domoksss seperti saya huhu)
That's all for now yer...
Cant wait for tomorrow ---> Girls Day Out.....yeay!!! sgt suke-suki u'ols...

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