Monday, August 10, 2009

Quite hectic...

What a blissful monday

Today is simply another plain monday.

This morning moi having pretty heavy meal for breakfast so during lunch time moi only make a hot white coffee while trying to multitask between work and blogging. Muahahaha

Weekend was pretty packed. Obiviously no time for blogging so here am moi to recap back every single things that occurred this weekend.

Saturday : 8/8/09

Moi woke up quite early and got to be ready for PTD exam.

Drove all the way from mutiara damansara heading to smk convent jln peel near the Jusco Tmn Maluri.
It took approximately 30 mins to reach there. Exam started at 9.00am so moi make sure to get there 30 mins earlier.

The exams consists of 5 parts.
  1. Part 1: Basic knowledge about Malaysia - 40 Q's (Objective) -- simple Q's about Malaysia which moi barely aware of (saya menjawab secara kantoi je aduhaiii)
  2. Part 2: Mathematic - 40 Q's (Objective) -- time-constraint + skill pengiraan math saya agak kurang memberansangkan dan sgt another kehampehhhan la jwbnye =(
  3. Part 3: Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Inggeris - 20 Q's (Objective) -- paper ni je yang confidence boleh buat kot...hehehe
  4. Part 4: Essay Bahasa Malaysia - 3 general Q's -- moi chose H1N1 topic because we heard about it on daily least ada gak idea nak merapu and meraban btul tak???
  5. Part 5: Essay Bahasa Inggeris - 3 general Q's -- topic in academic qualification...mmm quite ok laa...pandai2 la mengoreng!!! wakakaka

Finally at 4.30pm the exam ended. Yeay!!! Syukur.

Sunday : 9/8/09

It was girls day out. Moi went to KL with moi's bbf ms.betty



We parked the car at lrt Tmn Bahagia. Moi decided to use lrt because it's more convenient. Not to worry about traffic, parking and so forth. So, from station Tmn Bahagia to station Pasar Seni we decided to see-sighting inside the CM (Central Market) building. Ohh it's been an ages since moi last visit to Pasar Seni.

Central Market/Pasar Seni

The place is pretty much like a museum. A lotsa malaysian cultural thingy which are incredibly exotic and unique. So without hesitate and segan-silu, we pretty much acting like we are foreigner taking pics here and there.

Ancient china doors

Moi with ms.betty

Moi in Balinese ancient store

Unique deco-thingy

amoire' amor

Save earth by smart-recycling...muahaha

Definitely over-acting and soo damn poyo...hahaha please do ignore moi. ;p

Betty and moi not to miss our cendul at LRT Taman Bahagia. Such a breezy evening and prefectly a good time to take a quickie break with cendul...yummy!!!

take 5: cendul time

w-shoping @ MNG

G.I.Joe @ cineleisure

betty hearts greenitos

curve flea market

Ohh enough with pics. And please proceed to throw up or something after seeing all of our perasantan pics.

Lastly, and our last destination of the day is cinema at c-cinema @ curve (formerly known as cineleisure).

We bought ticket to watch G.I.Joe at 6.45pm and we still have ample time for w-shoping at curve area...yeay!!! (saya suke jln2 kt flea market even both legs dah sengal2 and lenguh2 mcm nk patah) muahaha

Our Girl-Day-Out mission is accomplished. =)

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