Friday, August 28, 2009


Salam and evening,

It's friday pray time. Moi likey soo much! Reason: less people less chaios...muahaha

Anyway, last tues's nite moi and betty went for our 8-th treatment so-called "Ramadhan-Spa" at True Spa. hehe

Yeah, it's our monthly routine to get pampered after all the busyness. Well, it's so moi-way of channeling out the stressness and it works every time.

Moi love this massaging thingy because after done the "spa"ing session, it feels really rejuvenate and so damn refreshing. All the nerves that is tangled, the back acne can be healed by the massage.

Normally, the treatment will take approximately 2 hours. Start with relaxing hydrobath and proceed with main treatment based on moi's preferences. The best part of all is when all treatments being done inside the VIP suite...woooilaa (rasa seperti princess yg dibelai dgn penuh kasih sayang...bley nk berangan jap!!! wakakaka)

Foot massage area

Foot massage

Dipping foot for special feet solution

Pose perasantan =)

True Spa Compound

"Spa"ing with bestie, Ms Betty

Fish spa's almost 2pm...gotta go.

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