Monday, August 03, 2009

A tedious-fabulous trippy

Time flies too soon to be noticed.

Yeah, weekend was over and yet today as per norm working on monday is slightly aint fab feel at all.

Bits of laziness can be felt but gosh moi definitely need to pull up the gear to supreme level so that the jobtask can be completed smoothly.

So far, moi's trainees progress generally improves in term of system and troubleshooting training.

Moi have only another 2 weeks coming for a real challenging new worktasks and that makes moi worry.

So, let's dig back yester activities.

As for saturday, it was crib-cleaning and DIY "me" day.

Nothing much of fun activity but for moi to spend a quality time at home by doing some household is really threaupatic.

So, pre-plan for next sat day is to overhaul my entire wardrobe.

It quite a mess.

Refering mess as all the clothes is mixing without categorization.

Moi prefers to categorize the outfits to it's functionality for easy access (xyh nk fening2 cari baju bile nk g jln2, g keje o nk mengorek mencari moi lingeries bile nk bobooom...muahahaha)

The entry post as per written - a tedious-fabulous trippy was a short vacay trip to ipoh. Actually, moi's bff ms.put having "akikah" ceremony at her sis in law in parit.

Her mum asking moi to come along. Moi suggested to go with moi's ride and all of us moi, put, put's bf: ali and seed in one car.

Mr.AIA had promised to join but something important came up last min he cancelled it.

Moi so frustrated but trying not to take it as a big deal (act chill2 je tapi dlm hati aku ni membara grrrh asl we texting sume statements moi mmg ala2 sarcastic...ya ampunsss)

So, moi drove all the way to perak.

We only stopped for breakfast at Sg.buloh pitstop. It took us almost 2 hours to reach there. We missed to watch the "nyanyian marhaban" for baby but not to miss picturing the moment.

Isnt he cute? moi holdin baby akiff

Mommies wannabe

We didnt stay long coz put got another wedding ceremony invitation in kampar. Without wasting time right after makan, we headed to next destination coz it's already 2pm. Ali took turn to drive as moi already malasin plus mengantokinn...hehehe

It was pretty late when we reached the wed's so yeah it's was quite calm (less people so tenang skit nk mkn sbb at akikah td cam panas skit huhu gedikss je)

After makan bagai nak rak, moi felt so bloated. Thanks for the red flag calls, puyuttttku bagai nk meletupsss...

but nayy moi couldnt care less but to keep on with our cam-whoring session...

here's the snappy pics.

one bee with three flowers

anak dara tuasss...ohhh tidakkksss

We had planned to go for waterfall in Lata Kinjang. Yeay, thou moi's condition aint suit for any aqua activity but ohhh didnt want to miss this acara mandi-manda yg sgt fun-filled ini...

Lata Kinjang waterfall

The river was super cold plus the stream was quite strong but it never stopped us from berdugoong...hahaha

Tiga dara pinggiran on the rocks

moi in "senget" mode having difficulty to control excitedness :p

acara dugonging

Aquarinas before dugonging

During the roadtrip back to KL, moi having menstrual pain...ayoyooo sgt tidakkk slept all the way no chatting no sengaling no nothing until they stopped at sg.buloh pitstop again for hiccup...after finished our cuppa and get a puff, we headed back to KL...

cuppa @ sg.buloh pitstop

Alhamdullilah we reached KL safely and all in one piece wakakaka they want to have dinner so we stopped at murni SS2 for dining...makan didnt eat much due to the menstual pain...xde mood nk makan laaa...

Done dining. Off to subang to send alif, then headed off to pj to send put ali gan seed. Last, moi reached home around 12++am...

After taking hot bath, moi dozzed off...

it was tiring yet fun-filling escape. Hope to do it more often.

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