Thursday, August 27, 2009


Salam to all,

Alhamdulilah syukur to Allah swt for the blessing throughout this holy fasting month.

It's been a week already we all muslims being fast...

Time flies pretty fast and not to forget that it's only 3 weeks for Aidilfitri. Yeay!!!

Thus, moi got to plan for "cuti raya" requests. Hope it will be approved since moi asked for 1 week off. Hopefully laa they grant it... Amin (muahaha siap berdoa ni hehe sure2 la nk raya sakan kan!!! ;p)

So far, ramadhan for moi is a holy month that only comes once a year. And because of that, moi really want to improve moiself and to savour every bits of it.

Not to just fasting but to perform good deeds too. To complete whats not. To improve whats not.
And most importantly, to savour every bits of ramadhan with cleanse heart. Insyaallah...=)

This week has been very hectic. Loads and loads of reports and documentations need to be settled. Coaching and training classes all in one pace. Gosh, But, things is under control and syukur moi manage to handle it all with senior's guidance. Zillion thanks and really heart u'ols.


Will update some pics during terawih later okkey!!! (sempat je mensnappykan diri hahaha)

terawih with ekin

morray time

Moi wishing all muslim Selamat berterawih...

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