Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Moi Anak M'sia...Merdeka!!!

Hi Malaysian,

Moi proud to confess that "Saya bangga menjadi anak Malaysia"...
Definitely =)

~~~~~ Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia ~~~~~

Moi wish that our new 1Malaysia concept can be internalised in our daily lives and can be reflected in our deed too...

And all you people, yes i mean all of you Malaysian, we should continue to nurture tolerance even thou we are different races, religions and political ideologies and regardless of all of that it's truly a high call for us to maintain our diversity, which makes us unique among the world's residence...am moi right?

Enough with moi's so-called-patriotic-wishes hehehe Well, before the clock hits 12.00 am, moi and besties hang out in front of e-cinema @ curve (formerly known as cineleisure) after all of us late for our booking ticket to watch Orphan...kinda pissed off but nayy it's ok, it's our fault not to make it on time...(biasa la sume janji *^%$^#) wakakaka

As usual, our cam-whoring session...

shida + put + ali = beloved peeps




frust xde fireworks

merdeka eve


Happy Merdeka Malaysia!!!

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