Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moi's 1st Batch

Hi peeps,

Finally, after being so idle for quite some time. Moi back.

Well, life is pretty hard for moi lately. Really tough but alhamdullilah moi got strength to get through it regardless of how many stumbleness in between the obstacles.

Move on and no way of looking back become the key of continuing life apart from everything that happened.

Anyway, moi very happy to announce moi's 1st real task of handling a batch of KATANA trainee.

Altogether with Ms. Munie, our class is BOOMss..wakaka

So, moi will update the progress some other time.

Chow peeps.
Here moi post 149_batch on Pink Day.

Moi's tech class

Munie's tech class

Trainer Vs Trainee

Till to the next entry. Chow =)

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