Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big H for Healing and Happy.

Big H to all,

Hell yeah...moi's is perfectly stable and calm.

Thanks for all beloved besties and bffs.

Really appreciate your supports and efforts of helping moi's getting through during difficult time.
Anyway recap back all the things that occured all this while. Better not to recap the negative side but moving on capturing the positive ones.

Hurmm, so now is the middle of November. It's raining season. Kinda enjoy the weather. Pretty saddened feeling that sometimes relates to the rain drops ( motifff nk wat statement cm sedey2 nayy im cool now...chill la hehe )


Lets recap back what activities that revolved around moi for the past weeks.

  1. 24/7 hanging out with besties.

----> Going out with moi's bff is really theraupatic. Either it's girls normal day out or girls "sengaling" day out...Both are really enjoying.

pinkie collaques

ms betty & moi in boho style...likey!!!

Geng Mak kiah bergossip

geng cheum molot =)

Kanak-kanak riang

Motiff??? ;p

Cam-shades whore...ada haku kesah??? huhu

collaques cum supporters

2. "Make-Tummy-Happy" Day out

----> And of coz, all the session of lepaking will definitely evolved around finger-lickin-good foodie...( harusss wokeyy!!! sume nye shaitandaaas bernafsu besarrr wakakaka )

avalalala ;)


18 kali mengaumm kt cini...x buhsan ke???

brunchie @ subang ria

Tempayaki not so suke suki =(

yeay to dozens of donuts

si gigi VS si donut

cbnies + moi non-cbnies

moi's trainee on pinkie nitey

Ayoyo it's 2.30 am oredy...

later update entry ni wokeyy...


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