Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Massive Goals...

Salam u'ols...

No idea why moi feel like time flies real fast.

Just another one month for 2010 to come. How soon.

It's a month of rain drops.

Soulful raining that calms every souls. A' moire. =)


As mentioned the title of this entry: Massive Goals

Massive goals have been perfectly define as a goals that need to be implemented for betterness in moi's life plan.

It always be a set up goals that determine how strong moi need to struggle in order to make it happen. To improve whats not. To accomplish whats not in past years.

Well, December is the ending's month of 2009.
It will definitely be the best month for rechecking or to qualifying all the resolutions that been set up. ( haha cuakkk je...hopefully byk yg meet the target instead of fatal di tgh jln huhu )

Lets listing back the resolutions of 2009..

  1. Weight Loss

Sound cliche, huh? Yuppy, reduce weight will always be the 1st lucky no 1 of every single year resolution. Either it can be accomplished or not, it's really not a big deal coz hell yeah...moi just carry forward to the next upcoming year.... ( wakakaka keji kan)

Thanks to moi's heart breakdown...moi have shrinked 8 kilos...and still struggling of getting rid few more kilos...Besides, as promised moi gotta to limit the carb intake but to replace with more veggie and fruits.

Before --- domokkksss

After --- domokss gaks ahaaaks

2. Pay "MOI" Salary

To develop a better financial freedom, the best alternative is to pay "moi" payout in monthly basis. By doing this, moi will definitely need to implement new concept of "spend less and save more" principle..huhu ( bole ke??? chaiyookk chaiyokkk =)

As a result of paying moi RM5++ a month, moi will have financial security as a backup if anything emergency occured...

frankly speaking moi is freaking loser coz before this moi never think of saving...sound so pathetic, huh?

maybe this mentality happen coz moi was a student that basically have no serious responsibilities towards oneself...hahaha i know sgt keji...wut a confession u'ols wakakaka ;p

Nevertheless, as moi grow older...2010 will definitely will be a different approach of expanding the money...saving is just not enough...maybe it's time to invest in property side...insyaallah

mobilkuuu...tu jek hartee yg hakuuu ada!!! huhu

3. Career Growth

Ever since moi's working for VADS for the last 2 years, the 1st day when moi started joining the company, moi has never put any hope to stay longer than what moi could ever imagine.

Moi has set mind that VADS will be the company for stepping stone platform only.

Nothing more and nothing less.

As moi aware, VADS is a subordinates outsource call centre under TM Telekom M'sia. Moi started as a lame-so-not-technie.

CSR known as customer service representative.

Being csr for 6 months +++, answering calls about streamyx products and troubleshooting support, working in shift hour starts at early as 7am or as late as 4.30pm, no offday on weekends, but the best thing working in call centre is the working environment.

No politics evolve, it's all about performance or KPI...that's truly awesome.

So, alhamdullilah moi managed to move on to 2nd level after 9 months being as CSR.

No more inbound call, the task involving the follow up cases by making outbound call instead. And then, being selected as RCC team to be based at TM LMG exchange is truly remarkable for previous advance technical experience.

Moi was totally grateful being promoted twice in two years time.

Alhamdullilah syukur nikmat.

Well, lets flash back sweetest memories with Vadsies.



annual dinner 2008


trippy for vadsies

4. Better r/s with former significant other

There are several elements that moi promise to improve in moi former relationship.

Since it is over. Big relieve that moi doesnt have to be suffered even more.

Maybe moi can share the key points of element that moi wants to fix in moi's former r/ship

It includes:

1) Respect towards each other

2) Healthy arguments ( no mocking...no physical violence...no disrespect act...goshhh )

3) Less egoistic

4) To be more supportive and understandable ( sorry moi cudnt be able to understand person whom has no mission or vision in life )

5) To put more patience ( patience of waiting for him to move to nowhere...ohh thanks but no thanks...lucky moi to waste 2.5 years )

So, from right on...moi gotta make better evaluation on the person. Better be precise than be sorry.

Moi believe that no one is perfect but everyone has responsibility of making life a better for themselves rather than just sit back and waits for miracle to happen. Pity those people.

5. Reward & Appreciate "I.me.moiself"

Moi also promise to give rewards to moiself in return of working hard. ( emphasises on ayat working hard tu mmg rasa cm nk kepit pala kt pintu...sgt la poyo...keje buruh binaan ke cik ainn oii??? wakakaka )

Promise to keep good health. Eat well. Exercise ( this is the hardest part due to time-constraint...huhuhu tipuuu !!! itu hanya lame excuse wokeyyy...hahaha )

Join spa for self-pampering is an ultimate yummy treat for ladies...likeyyy!!!

Spend time for vaccay...quickie getaway...regardless whether it has to be in local or oversea.

At least one big oversea trip annually. ( harusss laa berangan cm manyak duit nk g obersi bagaiii hehe timaceh Airasia sbb selalu wat free seat promotion )

view from foot spa area

konon2 yoga katenyer...huhuhu

vip suite


tangkuban perahu, bandung

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