Friday, December 25, 2009

Pray for "TOK"

It's Christmas today.

~~Merry Christmas to all Christians~~

Moi wish that moi is now at the other part of the world just to embrace the beautiness of the snow.

Well, recap what had happened yesterday.

24/12/09 - Thursday

Moi's tok (moi's granma) was admitted to ICU due to tumor in her tummy. Doc scanned that there were 3 tomurs and 1 had bursted...tok was bleeding very badly...gosh if i were there sure i'll be the 1st person to collapse. (mmg tidaakk la jwpnnye.. gilee hape nk hadaaap real blood yg sgt byk itteww...sory sesgt mmg tidaak ada ketahanan jiwa utk menghadaaap darah!!!)

So, yesterday moi took EL. Mom called asking moi to stand by for any posibility. Just pray is the best for her now.

Moi make a move to ICU HKL with bby A.A. But, by the time we reached there. Tok wasn't in her ward. She need to undergo minor operation to remove the tumors. So, we waited outside the operation theatre called OT by the med ppl until nurse advised us to go back instead of waiting because the operation will approximately take about 4 to 5 hours or even more.

Moi decided to go for lunch. Without hesitate, we went to klcc to have our braunch. (gilee gedikss bkn nk mkn kt food court hosptal je...aduyaiii mknan dia cm bau ubat r...harusslaaa xbape nk mampuu utk hadaaap..huhuhu)

We hang out at klcc while waiting for tok's operation progress. (At least, xde r xkeruan tunggu isteri nk beranak...sgt susah hati wokey...gan bau2 hosptal bagai..haruss laa jiwa berdegup bagai nk meletupss)

Due to long hours operation still on going, we got to make a move. (Harusslaaa sgt jem + heavy rain like cats and dogs time blk tu...ayoyo ;p)

Moi didnt have a chance to take pics of tok y'day so moi will snap today then...

cam-whore kaedaa haadapp!!! <3 Biscuits Mark & Spencer

lai chee kang paling horror @ klcc

So, as per-pre-plan from previous activity involve 3 different places...Ikea-Times Square-The summit...due to tok's condition so kena la lay low maybe lunch kt Ikea then head up to HKL...visiting time 12.30pm to 2.30pm and 4.30pm to 7.30pm...Times Square if smpt mlm kang g jap...if cant make it..bring forward je activity larghoo itteww.

Later moi update pasal tok's condition or progress ok!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last week of 2009

Good W'day peeps,

Moi just woke up. Yesterday i got back a bit late so today will come to the office during lunch.

Actually, there is something that bothering moi. Thinking about moi's skin, recently it has been super-duper dehydrated. Super-duper sensitive. Redness spot here and there. Super dry. Moi have been to the doc, well doc said it's mm nothing serious. Its only an allergic due to either of food intake or stress. Maybe it's a high time for moi to re-check or re-plan back moi's concept of dieting.

So far, the diet goes pretty well (suke suki hakuu je claims diet ni goes well...harusss laa tidakk)Moi concept of reducing the carbs intake and replace it with veggies and fruits. It works but not really effective as the lelemakss vavisss all over moi's body become saggy and flabby..aduyaiii (ain sila la rajin2 mengexciseskn dr anda ittewww)

Moi have been doing some research regarding the diet thingy due to personal's element like blood type, what kind of dieting that suits the lifestyle and lots more.

Anyhoots, moi's have been decided to implement new diet-plan for 2010. Lets see if it works. Hope it works la backdate from moi's starting point, so far moi managed to get rid 8 kilos. So maybe another 10kilos for ideal weight. (haa amek hint tu yg haku ni sgt la domokss..hadaaap!!! MAMPUU??? hehe nmpk lg 10kilos ek baru dpt berat ideal...wakakakaka keji2)

Wahh, cant wait for another 3 days in the row of cuti..yeay!!! This month the public holidays always fall on Friday.. so another yeay!!! (best dpt cuti lama...haha keji...xsabar nk plan for aktiviti berjimba-jimba..beb, pjm ayat jimba ko jap haha)

Jom pre-plan activity for this coming hols weekend.

Thursday 24/12/09 - Christmas Eve

Motifff??? xsempat nk jimba-jimba mlm eve tu yer cik ain...jgn nk berangan..awak kena esk nye sudaaa...ok next.

Friday 25/12/09 - Christmas

Ikea - Times Square - The Summit USJ with bby A.A.

Saturday 26/12/09 - Spa Moi Time

"Pampering Day" appointment with T-spa with bestie. Yeay!!!

Sunday 27/12/09 - Fam Time

Big Family gathering. Granny not feeling well. She was admitted but alhamdullilah she's getting better now.

Now...goshh almost 12pm. Gotta go. Ready for work.

Buhbye peeps.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moi in love.


Monday morning.

Another plain monday but nayy moi not gonna make it as another plain-bored monday buy yet to transform it to be such a joyful day.

Lost to nowhere...not anymore!!

moi love what moi love


All of the sudden, my empty brain is badly wanna flush out something.

Yeah, moi feels like wanna write something...expressing something from the inside.

Mm, no idea how to interpreting it and even how to express but moi gonna try no matter what.



Haven't you seen my smile lately?

There's a glow and it's different

It's different, when moi still with you

Havent you recognize the pain?

The pain of yesterday, you caused me then

The pain that leads me to letgo you

Havent you feel that moi happy now?

Yes, way too happy...because you not around

To hurt me now and then

Havent you seen that moi with someone new

That stay close to me and love me true
It's a time you missed

When moi still with you

Someone new has come to love me true

Promises to stay

And always be my inspiration, dude

So moi take a vow to forget you completely

Leaving my yesterday behind
And bury this memories we have
For past is past, that's what you now

My memories no need to flash back
My past that will just passed
My yesterday that full of regret

By putting hope that you will change
And you will never

Thanks to Allah swt

Showing me that you are just not the one

It's time for moi to move on

The sadness moi carried all this while

All gone

It's all gone

When moi found her

Moi truly happy

To discover my untitle soul

Moi is blown away. Blooming to nowhere.It's wrong but why moi feel it's soo right.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Salam Muharram (1432H)

Salam Muharram to all muslims,


Finally, Dhu al-hijjah the last Islamic month and be the last day of 1431H has come to the end.

01 Muharram as today 18/12/09, the Islamic new year observed by Muslims. It is one of the four sacred months of the year in which fighting is prohibited.

Celebrated by Muslims as the day symbolises two happy event in a Muslims's life.

The start of Muslim year or calendar, coincides with Prophet Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina on the 1st Muharram in 622AD.

FMI/FYI, listing the Islamic calendar of 1432H...

  1. Muharram
  2. Safar
  3. Rabi' al-awwal
  4. Rabi' al-thani
  5. Jumada al-awwal
  6. Jumada al-thani
  7. Rajab
  8. Sha'aban
  9. Ramadan
  10. Shawwal
  11. Dhu al-Qi'dah
  12. Dhu al-Hijjah

Moi will love to take this opportunity to grant for thousand apologies with humble heart for any wrong doings, unforeseen irrelevant act or even inappropriate verbal towards any of you exspecially to all my beloved Muslims.

~Salam Maal Hijrah~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 become 1


Finally, 12/12/09 become such a memorable wed ceremony for moi's beloved cousss. Moi love the color theme for this wed. It's greenish and it's so refreshing. Very lively and gosh moi envy this color so much. It ceremony was held in dewan TUDM since my uncle was a former army. The hall is super big and believe it or not, the aisle of red carpet was like 200 metres along...seriously!!! Wakaka (gile diva jalan kt red carpet tu).

The hall was deco in greenish..yeah obiviously laa coz it's a theme. There are almost 30 round tables served in dome. The food was really good. But the pelamin, it's too big for my own liking. Anyhow. the deco was superb.

Ohh moi is such a lazy bast at the mo to "story-morry" for this entry, so just let the piccas do the job.

Moi <3>

Moi's coussins

Linda & Yus - Selamat Pengantin Baru

Sweet Couple

The pelamin


Place for old folks to gossip & cuppa

Dad & Uncles

Mom & Mak Long

Moi & Cousins

adek & aiman

riena & eisya


mom & dad gossiping

anak teruna pinggitan =)

Ohh yeah, 12/12/09 was also moi's beloved parent 27th anniversary.

Wanna wish them.

Happy 27th Anniversary




Mak & Ayah

Wish the best of life will come ahead



Take care folks.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

149_bow"sengal"ing ;p

It's tuesday.
5 more mins to 1am.

Reason to stay this late is due to 2 cuppa of coffee moi had after work on pretty busy Monday.

Moi felt a lil exhausted because moi's trainees had reverse buddy session and apparently, yeah they made it through their OJA.

Alhamdullilah syukur to all of them. Well done.

To jeff and lan, dont be demotivated. Dare to fail is the key to succeed. There are an ocean of opportunities. Maybe its not meant for you guys to work for VADS but trust moi, you guys will be excelled in life. Pintu rezeki Allah swt selalu terbuka untuk umatnye =) aminnn

Flash back on the activities that moi had on both sat & sun.

Saturday, 5/12/09

At first, moi's plan was to join put's comp family hols to Port Dickson. Flir Asia's fam hols precisely. But since moi was on red flag call and thanks to the menstrual cramps. Moi cancelled it. Red flag mode wasnt really suit for any outdoors activity. Damn! ( br je nk berangan naik banana boat smbl beraksi harusss laaa tidaak sesuayy...hampeh je =( )

That night, moi's batch 149 organised an activity to play bowling. So, yeay!!! Regardless of the pain, moi happily heading to the cineleisure.

Moi had a great time spending a sat night with beloved b.149 thou moi played bowling to the level of ratio 2:8... 2 for not-so-skillful-agak maruah tercalar as my balls sume ke longkang and 8 for gaya berbowling mengalahkn DIVA...huhuhu

Moi didnt take pics during the game (excited main smp lupe nk mensnappy ;p )but moi'll get some pics from 149_syikin as she the one whom holding a cam...hehehe

So, after bowling we went to makan2 @ uptown kota dmsara. Yeay to jln2 cr makan session!!! keji je hahaha

We lepaking up until 4am. Gilakssss bergossip. Likey gossip girls =) Should do it more often. (collect dosa berbakul2...harussss!!!! )


bowlers terhangat ;p

heart them

bow"sengal"ing =)

moi & husna

cutetessst =)

as _ mun _ ain

That's all. Chiow peeps.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Moi <3 Twilight

Moi is intriguing melted.

Marvels by both irresistable bloodsucker vampy and enormous yummy werewolfy...ouchhh ;p

Moi <3>

Berangan to the max...sila2 muntah ;p

Ohh dozzing at night with big smile on moi's face and being a daydreamer junkie with such an incredible undefined lovey-dovey feeling all day long...

( Motifff??? harusslaaa motif nyer berangan di bulan dan bintang marikh pluto if wujud lg planet nii, ape lagikss ;p daaa tlg laaa lariksss huhu )

"O, here will i set up my everlasting rest, And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! and Lips, o you the doors of breath, seal with the righteous kiss" ----> Ooo my dior, listen up dearie edward cullen, you had moi when you quoting this romeo and juliet's soliloquy...( sila bg laluan utk saya mengejikan diri...muahaha i likeeey u ed belibu2 lemonsss )

"I know what he did to you. I would never, ever, do that. I wont ever hurt you. I promise"----> moi presumably getting a spank in a heart. Ohh pleaseee...selena gomez is so lucky to have taylor lautner... (mak jelesss nyah...uwaaaa nak boyflenn cm jacob...cehhh keji wakaka =p )

Motifff of the story - twilight new moon rockss moi's least the side effect of lovey-dovey feelin after watched the movie really "endorphiny" moi...( cam ku tlah jatuh chentaa gitu wahhh nak mampossss ke hape hakuuu nye berangan...makkk aiii ya ampun!!! )

over-whelmed by vampy & werewolfy

motiff??? berangan di awan awangan =)

Moi will be back to reality soon.

But at the moment, let moi embraces the "gataling" feeling when it still endorphining...hehe =)

Gleefully. Contented. Heartblooming.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Hi guys,

Today is dad's B'day...


Happy 54th Birthday Ayah....

May Allah swt bless you...

Bring out more and more and more prosperity heading up to 2010...

Im lucky im ur daughter...

Thanks ayah...

Heart them lotsss!!!

p/s: thinking of what to give to nk bg ape ek???? bg kasih syg cukup x....wakakaka

xOxo by mOi