Tuesday, December 08, 2009

149_bow"sengal"ing ;p

It's tuesday.
5 more mins to 1am.

Reason to stay this late is due to 2 cuppa of coffee moi had after work on pretty busy Monday.

Moi felt a lil exhausted because moi's trainees had reverse buddy session and apparently, yeah they made it through their OJA.

Alhamdullilah syukur to all of them. Well done.

To jeff and lan, dont be demotivated. Dare to fail is the key to succeed. There are an ocean of opportunities. Maybe its not meant for you guys to work for VADS but trust moi, you guys will be excelled in life. Pintu rezeki Allah swt selalu terbuka untuk umatnye =) aminnn

Flash back on the activities that moi had on both sat & sun.

Saturday, 5/12/09

At first, moi's plan was to join put's comp family hols to Port Dickson. Flir Asia's fam hols precisely. But since moi was on red flag call and thanks to the menstrual cramps. Moi cancelled it. Red flag mode wasnt really suit for any outdoors activity. Damn! ( br je nk berangan naik banana boat smbl beraksi dugong...mm harusss laaa tidaak sesuayy...hampeh je =( )

That night, moi's batch 149 organised an activity to play bowling. So, yeay!!! Regardless of the pain, moi happily heading to the cineleisure.

Moi had a great time spending a sat night with beloved b.149 thou moi played bowling to the level of ratio 2:8... 2 for not-so-skillful-agak maruah tercalar as my balls sume ke longkang and 8 for gaya berbowling mengalahkn DIVA...huhuhu

Moi didnt take pics during the game (excited main smp lupe nk mensnappy ;p )but moi'll get some pics from 149_syikin as she the one whom holding a cam...hehehe

So, after bowling we went to makan2 @ uptown kota dmsara. Yeay to jln2 cr makan session!!! keji je hahaha

We lepaking up until 4am. Gilakssss bergossip. Likey gossip girls =) Should do it more often. (collect dosa berbakul2...harussss!!!! )


bowlers terhangat ;p

heart them

bow"sengal"ing =)

moi & husna

cutetessst =)

as _ mun _ ain

That's all. Chiow peeps.


  1. Kerinduan saat2 bersama 149_TOS bertamu kembali...ohoooo....u all da best... :)