Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 become 1


Finally, 12/12/09 become such a memorable wed ceremony for moi's beloved cousss. Moi love the color theme for this wed. It's greenish and it's so refreshing. Very lively and gosh moi envy this color so much. It ceremony was held in dewan TUDM since my uncle was a former army. The hall is super big and believe it or not, the aisle of red carpet was like 200 metres along...seriously!!! Wakaka (gile diva jalan kt red carpet tu).

The hall was deco in greenish..yeah obiviously laa coz it's a theme. There are almost 30 round tables served in dome. The food was really good. But the pelamin, it's too big for my own liking. Anyhow. the deco was superb.

Ohh moi is such a lazy bast at the mo to "story-morry" for this entry, so just let the piccas do the job.

Moi <3>

Moi's coussins

Linda & Yus - Selamat Pengantin Baru

Sweet Couple

The pelamin


Place for old folks to gossip & cuppa

Dad & Uncles

Mom & Mak Long

Moi & Cousins

adek & aiman

riena & eisya


mom & dad gossiping

anak teruna pinggitan =)

Ohh yeah, 12/12/09 was also moi's beloved parent 27th anniversary.

Wanna wish them.

Happy 27th Anniversary




Mak & Ayah

Wish the best of life will come ahead



Take care folks.

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