Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last week of 2009

Good W'day peeps,

Moi just woke up. Yesterday i got back a bit late so today will come to the office during lunch.

Actually, there is something that bothering moi. Thinking about moi's skin, recently it has been super-duper dehydrated. Super-duper sensitive. Redness spot here and there. Super dry. Moi have been to the doc, well doc said it's mm nothing serious. Its only an allergic due to either of food intake or stress. Maybe it's a high time for moi to re-check or re-plan back moi's concept of dieting.

So far, the diet goes pretty well (suke suki hakuu je claims diet ni goes well...harusss laa tidakk)Moi concept of reducing the carbs intake and replace it with veggies and fruits. It works but not really effective as the lelemakss vavisss all over moi's body become saggy and flabby..aduyaiii (ain sila la rajin2 mengexciseskn dr anda ittewww)

Moi have been doing some research regarding the diet thingy due to personal's element like blood type, what kind of dieting that suits the lifestyle and lots more.

Anyhoots, moi's have been decided to implement new diet-plan for 2010. Lets see if it works. Hope it works la backdate from moi's starting point, so far moi managed to get rid 8 kilos. So maybe another 10kilos for ideal weight. (haa amek hint tu yg haku ni sgt la domokss..hadaaap!!! MAMPUU??? hehe nmpk lg 10kilos ek baru dpt berat ideal...wakakakaka keji2)

Wahh, cant wait for another 3 days in the row of cuti..yeay!!! This month the public holidays always fall on Friday.. so another yeay!!! (best dpt cuti lama...haha keji...xsabar nk plan for aktiviti berjimba-jimba..beb, pjm ayat jimba ko jap haha)

Jom pre-plan activity for this coming hols weekend.

Thursday 24/12/09 - Christmas Eve

Motifff??? xsempat nk jimba-jimba mlm eve tu yer cik ain...jgn nk berangan..awak kena esk nye sudaaa...ok next.

Friday 25/12/09 - Christmas

Ikea - Times Square - The Summit USJ with bby A.A.

Saturday 26/12/09 - Spa Moi Time

"Pampering Day" appointment with T-spa with bestie. Yeay!!!

Sunday 27/12/09 - Fam Time

Big Family gathering. Granny not feeling well. She was admitted but alhamdullilah she's getting better now.

Now...goshh almost 12pm. Gotta go. Ready for work.

Buhbye peeps.

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