Thursday, December 03, 2009

Moi <3 Twilight

Moi is intriguing melted.

Marvels by both irresistable bloodsucker vampy and enormous yummy werewolfy...ouchhh ;p

Moi <3>

Berangan to the max...sila2 muntah ;p

Ohh dozzing at night with big smile on moi's face and being a daydreamer junkie with such an incredible undefined lovey-dovey feeling all day long...

( Motifff??? harusslaaa motif nyer berangan di bulan dan bintang marikh pluto if wujud lg planet nii, ape lagikss ;p daaa tlg laaa lariksss huhu )

"O, here will i set up my everlasting rest, And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! and Lips, o you the doors of breath, seal with the righteous kiss" ----> Ooo my dior, listen up dearie edward cullen, you had moi when you quoting this romeo and juliet's soliloquy...( sila bg laluan utk saya mengejikan diri...muahaha i likeeey u ed belibu2 lemonsss )

"I know what he did to you. I would never, ever, do that. I wont ever hurt you. I promise"----> moi presumably getting a spank in a heart. Ohh pleaseee...selena gomez is so lucky to have taylor lautner... (mak jelesss nyah...uwaaaa nak boyflenn cm jacob...cehhh keji wakaka =p )

Motifff of the story - twilight new moon rockss moi's least the side effect of lovey-dovey feelin after watched the movie really "endorphiny" moi...( cam ku tlah jatuh chentaa gitu wahhh nak mampossss ke hape hakuuu nye berangan...makkk aiii ya ampun!!! )

over-whelmed by vampy & werewolfy

motiff??? berangan di awan awangan =)

Moi will be back to reality soon.

But at the moment, let moi embraces the "gataling" feeling when it still endorphining...hehe =)

Gleefully. Contented. Heartblooming.

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