Monday, December 21, 2009

Moi in love.


Monday morning.

Another plain monday but nayy moi not gonna make it as another plain-bored monday buy yet to transform it to be such a joyful day.

Lost to nowhere...not anymore!!

moi love what moi love


All of the sudden, my empty brain is badly wanna flush out something.

Yeah, moi feels like wanna write something...expressing something from the inside.

Mm, no idea how to interpreting it and even how to express but moi gonna try no matter what.



Haven't you seen my smile lately?

There's a glow and it's different

It's different, when moi still with you

Havent you recognize the pain?

The pain of yesterday, you caused me then

The pain that leads me to letgo you

Havent you feel that moi happy now?

Yes, way too happy...because you not around

To hurt me now and then

Havent you seen that moi with someone new

That stay close to me and love me true
It's a time you missed

When moi still with you

Someone new has come to love me true

Promises to stay

And always be my inspiration, dude

So moi take a vow to forget you completely

Leaving my yesterday behind
And bury this memories we have
For past is past, that's what you now

My memories no need to flash back
My past that will just passed
My yesterday that full of regret

By putting hope that you will change
And you will never

Thanks to Allah swt

Showing me that you are just not the one

It's time for moi to move on

The sadness moi carried all this while

All gone

It's all gone

When moi found her

Moi truly happy

To discover my untitle soul

Moi is blown away. Blooming to nowhere.It's wrong but why moi feel it's soo right.


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