Friday, December 25, 2009

Pray for "TOK"

It's Christmas today.

~~Merry Christmas to all Christians~~

Moi wish that moi is now at the other part of the world just to embrace the beautiness of the snow.

Well, recap what had happened yesterday.

24/12/09 - Thursday

Moi's tok (moi's granma) was admitted to ICU due to tumor in her tummy. Doc scanned that there were 3 tomurs and 1 had bursted...tok was bleeding very badly...gosh if i were there sure i'll be the 1st person to collapse. (mmg tidaakk la jwpnnye.. gilee hape nk hadaaap real blood yg sgt byk itteww...sory sesgt mmg tidaak ada ketahanan jiwa utk menghadaaap darah!!!)

So, yesterday moi took EL. Mom called asking moi to stand by for any posibility. Just pray is the best for her now.

Moi make a move to ICU HKL with bby A.A. But, by the time we reached there. Tok wasn't in her ward. She need to undergo minor operation to remove the tumors. So, we waited outside the operation theatre called OT by the med ppl until nurse advised us to go back instead of waiting because the operation will approximately take about 4 to 5 hours or even more.

Moi decided to go for lunch. Without hesitate, we went to klcc to have our braunch. (gilee gedikss bkn nk mkn kt food court hosptal je...aduyaiii mknan dia cm bau ubat r...harusslaaa xbape nk mampuu utk hadaaap..huhuhu)

We hang out at klcc while waiting for tok's operation progress. (At least, xde r xkeruan tunggu isteri nk beranak...sgt susah hati wokey...gan bau2 hosptal bagai..haruss laa jiwa berdegup bagai nk meletupss)

Due to long hours operation still on going, we got to make a move. (Harusslaaa sgt jem + heavy rain like cats and dogs time blk tu...ayoyo ;p)

Moi didnt have a chance to take pics of tok y'day so moi will snap today then...

cam-whore kaedaa haadapp!!! <3 Biscuits Mark & Spencer

lai chee kang paling horror @ klcc

So, as per-pre-plan from previous activity involve 3 different places...Ikea-Times Square-The summit...due to tok's condition so kena la lay low maybe lunch kt Ikea then head up to HKL...visiting time 12.30pm to 2.30pm and 4.30pm to 7.30pm...Times Square if smpt mlm kang g jap...if cant make it..bring forward je activity larghoo itteww.

Later moi update pasal tok's condition or progress ok!

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