Friday, January 01, 2010

1st January 2010

Welcome 2010...

It's 2010...pretty good number,aight???

Hope it's gonna be a super duper intriguing sultry year that full of opportunities, blessing, love, prosperity, good health and more precious quality time with lovely family and friends.

Moi will open a new chapter in moi's life book. Its pages are blank. Moi gonna color beautifully. Lets this year be better than all the others. Vow to do some of the things moi have always wanted to do but couldnt really do it in a really effective way...hell yeah!!!

Things moi keep forward of doing it this year...

  1. Postgraduate. Moi got offers last year but unable to pursue it due to money/financial-constraint. Insyaallah this year ok ain!!!

  2. Save more spend less. Seriously!!!

  3. Rewards moiself more often. Spacilious. Likey!!!

  4. No-more-couch-potato+Internet. More for real activities. Run for moi's life. Go jogging, gym, pump up your adreline. Go go more excuse u lazy bastttt*** ( no vulgar words plss huhu )

  5. Make time for vacay. Yeay!!! 2 biggie trippy for plss proceed to save more n more n more =)

  6. Need to find a functional bf. Yes, for real. Do recheck and analysis back the requirements for the future bf cum hubby. Don't make mistake again by choosing a Loser. Superficial isnt the best key. Strong attitude and responsibility is the main focus. ( so plss before you simply say "NO" to ppl that come to approach, do give them chance coz they do deserve it...ohh yeah dont forget to scan ur brain and ur heart, ok Ain??? )

  7. Go green. Recycle. Donate old items/clothes. Don't use plastics but use paper bags instead. Put some responsibility towards the earth. Bring environmental bag everywhere and every time you shop.

  8. Re-deco moi's crib/workstation. Ikea is the best place to get inspirational idea. Moi lovin it!!!

  9. Health awareness. Cut down puff. Eat well. Exercise. Aware of woman's health issue. Breast, cervix, ovary and etc.

  10. To fullfill all 9 elements successfully. Insyaallah. Amin.

Nevertheless, this year...year of 2010...ohhh gosh...the numbers seem to look pretty "ONG"...hehehe ( harap2 this year is the tuah year for moi's life enhancement )

So last night, moi celebrated new year eve at the curve ikea area. Huge congestion with people and massive jammed for sure. Moi planned to walk down from moi's crib to the event with ms betty and her bf.

By the time we reached there at 11.30,thousand of ppl waiting for the countdown and enjoying the live performance from local artists. Cool.

Real happening.
Anyways, enjoys the piccas.

Snow spray. It's free u'ols.

moi wif ms betty

after countdown

bumped into old-schoolmate

2010 ladies

~Happy New Year Malaysia~

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