Monday, January 18, 2010

Break the reso...Let's Lunchie ;p

Hi guys,

Actually, the entry is all about going out lunch in a very constant way...huhu ;p FYI, moi's reso for this year is to cut off the lunchie..yeah..totally but as will just break moi own rule like nobody business. ( tau sy ni mmg sgt poyo dan tidakk berdisplin...temaceh ;p )

As per previous week, moi worked at the TM menara, easy access to the nearer mall for lunchie and it is such a irresistable lame temptation...So here you go, moi ignore the reso and having a full blast of lunchie here and there. Thanks to Ms. gf for the lunchie treats each and every time...hahaha =)

lunch time ;p
rakan mamam =)

moi lovin it !!! huhu

Lunchie @ old town kopitiam

missie dimples katenyee !!!

netbook always on the go too ;p

o.t kopitiam bangsar

muke starving ;p

as usual super gedikss ;p

asam laksa

bubba gump

gumbira hatikuu :)
damn irresistable

karooke with munie and chep

us @ the mines

syisha @ The Embershoppe Tobacconist

contented with the foodie

run forrest run

yummylicious ;p


tq mr.kash for the treat

The Embershoppe Tobacconist

puffy puff ;p

eat Mr.Bf eat =)

Alhamdullilah with the rezeki...

Insyaallah moi will be back on track of implementing the reso with heart....haha

Gotta go...take care =)

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