Sunday, January 31, 2010

Full moon in January

Say Hi to February...

It's end of January. Time always flies so fast up to the level that we barely noticing it. Miracle.

It's is soo beautiful tonight. The moon is shining brightly and it looks so spectacular. Lets embrace the beautiness of the full moon while it still here with us...( sy sgt berjiwa bulan-rembulan mlm ni....motifff???? undefine :p)

Ok...enuf of moony thingy...For these couple of days, as usual moi will spend time with besties...yes besties...hanging out...go jln2 cari mkn...go heart-to-heart...go sengaling like we own the this week is a week with no bf...not even a gf...none...reason??? Moi cudnt adapt to coupledome environment...way too complex and hassle to moi's mind.

Moi is not afraid to confess that is missing him so much at this this particular moment, yes i do miss sorry i cant meet or see u anymore eventhough u requested it so many's soo much pain and i just not strong enough to pull it off. Hope u understand. You shud be happy now and me either. Its not the same happiness but we shud try...yes i shud try way too tired to cry over the things that bring me to nowhere.

To the person that i've developed love towards you...

im not sure what i feel about u not sure if i shud call it love...i believe that love is to be comfortable with the person u love as what and who they are and to complement each other...

I hate to live in denial. I hate to compromise. I hate to be the person that always put a priority to the other ppl happiness...I hate our mutual understanding. I hate all of those stated but all the things that i despise are the things that i will do and sacrifice just to please u and for the sake of your happiness. I will definitely do anything for our r/ship until i ignore my own need of happiness. I please ppl up until i forget to please myself.

Ohh gosh, im so screw up. Am moi mumbles way too much??? ( ok, i'll stop...letih nk nangis2 bagai...buat rugi airmata gan hingusss je...cehhh :( )

Whatever. This entry is way too far from original main focus of blogging moi's recent activities. So lets back on track...

Saturday (30/10/10)

Title: Day out with Munie.

Venue: Red Box & Ikea food court & The curve and Ikano (cam da xde port lain nk lpk kan :p )

Sunday (31/10/10)

Title: Girls Day Out with Besties Ms Put and Ms Seed.

Venue: Put's Crib, Hair Salon @ SS 14, Ayam Penyet Ria, Giant Kota Dmsara, J & Co & Mamak Maidina.

So, hadappp la gambar2 ni wokey...

J.Cool Yogurt

Tea time

gigirlss :)

craving for sumthg cweeet???

snip n trim




ainan-sempit-cut ;p

Whatever cut laa...yg penting aku suke...sape yg xsuke...ada hakuu kesahh??? haha sengal

That's all for now. Better off to dreamland. Nite everyone. Sweet dream. Happy Zzz.

Muahhhhh :)

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