Thursday, January 21, 2010

Januarian Birthday Bash

Salam to all,

Moi loves January. An initial month to start a new journal of the year 2010.

So, lets check out what special in January.

  1. It's moi bestieslicious B'day...Yeay to them!!! ( Cepat betul korang lahir ek....hehe )
  2. It's only couple of months left for moi to have trippy to Beijing...another Yeay!!! ( selfreward after working hard...China, here i come....huhu gile poyooo harusss ;p)
  3. It's a month to open moi's heart and give chance to people to know moi. Say yes to coupledome and no more solo-but-im-lovin-it...hahaha

Despite of the time constraint to arrange for proper b'day party and pretty last min plan, moi is still glad that we manage to make a pretty descent but yet meaningful event for our Januarian's besties.

So, here we are celebrating our lovely buddies at the nearer cafe nearby moi's crib. Thanks to cafe Al- Qufran. It's decorated in such an islamic way and not to forget the cafe is beside the mosque. So, go figure how we manage to celebrate such a "middle-crisis age" b'day party with Pak2 Haji around us...hahahaha ( sendiri mau hingat la u 'olsss )

Eventhough, it is a mini party with mini ballon and b'day masks for kids, Alhamdullilah we make it happen regardless of how old our age celebrating in such a kids way. Well, that what i call middle-age crisis, act to your age...hahahahaha ( mmg takkk laaa jwpn nyee )

Ok ok ok, forget about the sillyness. Let's spill some wish for the Birthday Girl/Boy.

Birthday Wishes for My Besties

On you guys birthday,

Moi wish for you both the fulfillment

Moi hope that for every candle on your cupcakes

will make this event more joyful

Moi wish for you that

whatever you want most in life

it comes to you prefectly and smoothly

Just the way you imagined it, or better

Moi hope you get as much pleasure

from our bestieship as much as moi do

Moi so glad that you both were born,

to brighten moi's life

and fill it with so much laughter and being senget+sengal all the time

Moi is so appreciated of all the

suprises, love and happiness

you guys bring into moi's life


Happy 27th Birthday to Syida
Happy 25th Birthday to Ali

bestielicious ;p

b'dy "girl-not-yet-women", Ms. Syida

mini party

us @ cafe al - Qulfran

cweeet u'ols

scubaing cuppy cakes for bday boy ;p

mr ali + ms put = heart them

si domokk yg riang

4 muffins serangkai

arent they thomey in mask???

Heart them until to the end of moi's breath ( sila bg laluan utk sy berpoyoan disini ok!!! )

Hell yeah, moi have to confess that life without them is dull and life with them is definitely an incredible experience.

Cayang korang berlibu-libu lemonsss wokey....mmuaaahhhh =)

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