Monday, January 11, 2010

KL - Johor Trippy

Morning all,

Moi just reached the office..ayoyo moi woke up pretty late was 7.45am..ohh gosh..hate when this happen coz the traffic will be very slow at this peak hour. (mm hadapp je!! hehe )

So, recap back what things had happened last week. It was a movie marathon week. A week full of "jalan2 cr makan". Working from 8.30am - 5.30pm wasnt an issue for moi to continue being active at night. Ohh gosh moi such a nocturnal person. Now, moi shud put a limit to it since the active life has taken a toll to moi's health. Maybe the age also influence the effect since last time during studies, it wasnt really a big deal. Yeah..wateva!!!

Here the piccas of jalan-jalan cari makan session.

Moi having dinner at one of arabic restaurant. Mm layannn je arabic cuisine.

mr. aziz kashkari

motiff pose cm gini??? pose gatalss namenyee =)

ni plak pose miang terlebeyyy ;p

meal for him

meal for moi

So, this week must off from any movie-related activity. Moi watched almost every movies available in the cinema..gosh..when we overdo the thing...feel like wanna throw up...(cehhh keji )

So, last weekend moi having a short getaway with bby A.A family.

It's such a pretty quick fun-filled weekend.

Moi love bby A.A nieces. They are so "kuchi-kuchi" and hell yeah very notty too.

Anyway, moi heart them so much...

ms as gan ms ain

momma wannabe

one happy family under one roof =)

heart them

sleepless in johor


night out @ danga bay

pinky girls ruless ;p

ci anip yg thomey =)

makcik gan tasya..both senget !!

That's all about it now..

gotta chiow..

take care everyone.


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