Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No full stop

Happy Wednesday to all,

This week is pretty chaos and hectic with work-related and also non-work related issues...huhu

Work related issue involving so many disagreement between the HOD and the K&D Trainer Specialist about our zillion worktasks that somehow isnt really relevant as what has been signed in our contract. But for moi, it isnt really a big issue as moi still newbie to the training specialist department but just silently follow it as per requested by the superior...yeahhh wuteva katenyee!!!

Besides that, moi have started new WOW/KATANA batch 185. With 30 headcounts, it such a pretty big trainees need to be handled alone but it's ok, it shudnt be a problem. The only problem is just that the venue for training isnt really comfortable. Moi worry that the trainee will feel discomfort as all training rooms is fully utilized. At the mo, the training venue is in the 6th floor tech lab which the space is quite small and limited pc.

Enough of work stuff, lets flash back what's have been happening to the weekend. Mm, well much and nothing special but to spend quality time with bestie and ppl that u love and care is just enough to make moi day special...yess it works all the time...

On last Saturday (23/1/10), moi went to Janda Baik with's family. It was pretty last min plan, but we made it as 1 day trip. The "sungai" isnt really meet moi's specification of doing any aqua or any aksi dugong...but after all, it's alrite moi enjoyed. No piccas at the waterfall coz everybody busy berdugong..hahaha nayy kiddin ;p

gumbira katenyee, motifff???

cute ;p


on the way to Janda Baik

suke suki je!!!

lets ridey!!!

lets cam-whore as per norm ;p

ikea trippy

Opssy, need to be ready for work. Will update next entry some other time ok.

Take care everyone.


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