Sunday, January 03, 2010

Operation Theatre


It such a saddened moment to see moi's dearest tok lying down on ward's bed for almost 2 weeks. She undergo the OT twice due to her tumors.

She looks very empathic and her whole body is swollen due the operations and meds.

Every time moi come and visit her, moi will be crying.

Its pretty touching to see an old woman, someone you love being sick or in such a worst state of her health.

Its totally an uneasy feeling.

Moi prays that tok will get better soon. Moi prays that Allah swt will let everything happen smoothly. Moi need to be ready for any circumstances or any possibilities that might be occurred.

Ya Allah, aku berdoa ke atas kesejahteraan kesihatan nenekku

Rahmatilah nenekku and sembuhkan la nenekku


tok after 2nd operation

tok @ icu HKL

After moi stay with tok for 30 mins, doc wanna check tok latest bp and her conditions. Moi have to make a move since the visit time is almost over. Moi decided to go for a cuppa with moi's brother and bby A.A. So, we drove to the nearest kopitiam in KLCC area.

White coffee and bread toast is prefect tea-time foodie to minimise the uneasy feeling.


muke lps nangis

Ohh ye, lupe td terbumped into moi training team lead, Mr Pijut masa send back adek to icu ward.

X bermotiff aku lambai2 bagai nk rak...haha
Lets pray for moi's tok okey!!!

Take care Everyone.

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