Monday, January 04, 2010

Shark Building

Evening u'ols,

Just got back from dinner at apartment the curve. Goshh, moi is totally bloated. Thanks to the red flag + roast duck + lemonade + choco fudge + brew coffee + mint puff. All in one shot. Congrats ain, you are going to make ur 2010 reso (the diet thingy) come true...ohhh shadapp...Haha. Anyway, thanks to jie aman and her cool buddy Ivan. You guys rock my night.

old friend: ms jie aman

dinner @ apartment

Anyway, today moi got to be based at TM building. Believe it or not, moi never been there before. So determine to wake up pretty early because moi decided not to drive to work but to take LRT instead. Hate the morning traffic.

Nevertheless, the new office is quite fascinating. The training rooms are well-equipped and looks very corporate. Cant wait to deco moi's new workstation...Likey!!! ( Baru semangat nk mengajar...ahahaha poyo nyee...tlggg la =)). The best part of all of that is there is a shower room and the pantry...very cozy wokey...( pasni nk bwk baldi sabun, set towel gan coffee maker hehe mmm udahh2 ain, ko hingat ofis tu 2nd home sume bende nk hangkut kekekke)

(Alaa td lupe nk snap pic sbb teruja sgt gan new office)...tomorrow moi'll snap some piccas wokey...

training rooms

rest room cum shower room


tech training room

gleefully @ new office

view from 40th floor

puff area ;p

TM buildings - Annex 1 and 2

office's pantry

Apart from all that moi is so contented because after work, moi's gf came and we went to Midval. Having late lunch at tempayaki then bought some crispy creme doughtnut ( yang xbape nk cedappp tu compare to big apple cehhh keji hakuu ni...mmg btul xcedapp sgt pn =(

Hmm, enough for's time to logoff and go to Zzz...

Nite everyone. Sweet dream.

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