Saturday, January 16, 2010

TMIS Family Day

Holla Vadsies,

Pending entry for TMIS Family Day event. Finally, moi got a chance to update about it enthusiastically. ( lame excuse u'ols ). Actually moi was being such a lazy bastard to even blog about the day due to limitation of the piccas...huhuhu so credit to Putra...i lap u la bro ( ehh motifff aku nk lebiu ko bagai wakaka :p )

Before the event, moi was responsible to handle the collection of bundle/used/2nd hand items that need to be sold during the Jumbo sale. Well, definitely the sale is dedicated to charity but any how, it feels like a flea it!!!

The enjoyable part for the day is during the telematch among the vadsies. We were divided into 6 groups and were called each of the group's name based on the superhero theme...haha kinda so yester theme but it's funny.

Moi representing the ultraman team and all of us are wearing the pink ribbon...very cweeet and looks so gayyy too...but moi so lovin it...huhu

glee :)


ms chicky wing

team of sengaling

motifff mengepit ballons...sgt hodohh wokey!!!

trainers katenyee!!! wakaka


Team QA

anakmuu amy...aku pjm sat nooo hehe

The best towards the end is when the boss gave the appreciation sms to our team. His sms texting saying:

" Team, u hv done great to make today's event successfully despite many challenges n time constraint juggling yr daily task. Thank for hard work and contribution too "

Happy 25th Birthday to Munie


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