Friday, February 26, 2010

Holy Friday Maulidur Rasul

Salam Maulidur Rasul to all Muslims,

Alhamdullilah, all Muslims around the globe is celebrating the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad saw. As for this special day, moi is keeping the activity of berjimba-jimba to lowest profile for the sake of respecting this holy Friday.

Nothing much for today except staying at home. Yeay the mean of keep things in the lowest level is by keep moiself lay low.

So, instead of browsing the net like 24/7, moi had slot in other activities such as below:

  1. Major cleaning to the room including restacking all the magazines in rack and sorting/filtering the make up thingy.
  2. Anti-dust the room including wiping almost every single things.
  3. Massive laundry session including 3 session of washing white clothes, color clothes + 2 comforters + bedsheet...( wonggiiinyee umah bau softlan, harusslaa penat washing machine berkelejaa arini ;p )

Fuhhh, tedious but yet it's soo therapeutic (mengalahkn suri umh tangga wokey). Normally, moi will do either of tasks but not all in combo. ( Org tua2 slalu ckp if tetiba rajin xhingat mksdnya hari nk beranak x pn buang tebiat muahaha )

Well, that's all for now. Its time to mamam time. Daa :)


Take care & Salam.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Happy Not-so-plain Monday to all,

Finally, after 2 days off, Monday comes again but this time, Moi loves Monday is just differ...the feeling towards today isnt really the same as before.

Reason: Maybe moi had a blast weekend. Reunion on Sat ( 20/2/10) with Danell Lee (winner of 1st season of One In The Million) and Wed's ceremony + program Jln2 melawat berukss smbl beraksi memberukss mengalahkn berukss (21/2/10) make moi's day even more sweeter :)

Yesterday, bby A.A smsed mentioned that she's on the way to meet moi but it's was a lil bit too late as moi already make a move to follow Ms.bestie Betty. She wanted to wait up until moi came back as the kenduri took place at Kuala Selangor.

So, the funny part occur when she make a deal that she is willing to wait and moi said that will be back after 2-3 hours but end up to 5-6 hours...wakaka izit my bad??? Hell yeah, there was an additional "add-on-seisi-melawat-beruk" program. It was pretty last min pun but anyhoots, harusslaaa mak suke seisi berjimba-jimba bersama beruksss u'ols smp bergado2 bagai muahaha ;p

The sms she sent to moi:

"ape2 je la..nk i tggu ke x ni??? ke ade nk sggh tmn binatang lain plak jap g??? tmn gajah ke, badak ke, babi ke....

( gile piss off minah ni..chill la popo..da asek gan berukss smp lpe nk inform blk lmbt skit hehehe ) -----> sorry dek nun...mak terkesima sgt so x sengaja...sorry ehhh :(

Jln2 cr berukss :)

feed them up @ bukit malawati

Kenduri Kahwin

after melantakss nasi minyak :)

berangan ats pelamin ;p

The clock in moi's netbook state it is 3:20am. Yeah, normally moi loves to blog at this eerie hour.Mind is clearer at this mo. Easy to spill things out but today nothing nk dispill outkan :p

Our outing reunion piccas. Enjoy!

uslicious @ chocolatelicious :)

pose atas bridge OU :p

Danell Lee

are bee & sha

go mkn2 with heart??? hell yeah :)

old x-smate

food of love

moi with sha beraksi gedikss

ske pose ni sbb cm perasan tuloosss :)

hang out @ Souled Out

Mmm, pretty awesome evening hanging with them. Frankly, they are just almost the same person as back then. Funny and OTC ( otak-tak-center ) muahaha. Peace. Love to catch up once again with u'guys some other time okey!!!( Rasa cm xpuas nk myengall together2 lg hehe )

That's all for the update. Catch up later all bloggers.

Take care

Sunday, February 14, 2010


L.O.V.E = C.I.N.T.A = S.A.Y.A.N.G to all,

It's V'day. Everyone loves V'day. Moi either. Everyday is a L.O.V.E day and moi gonna fill it with so much love. Loves towards the fam, besties, bf, gf, collaques and every single creature that ever exist in this universe. ( coppp, ape yg cube aku merepekkn ni??? hahaha layannn :) )

This entry was pending as a draft due to time-constraint. Hell yeah. Hectic + chaos are just the prefect words to define how busy moi plus less time to even mumbling merapuing in moi's blog.

Moi believe that love can be defined in such a dynamic way regardless of it's superficial.

Moi believe that love can be created, can be developed, can be demolished as usual, can be projected/express in so many ways, can be the medicine or the poison, can be our belonging or to be shared, can be what we want it to be or just let it be as it grows, love sometimes can make we fly or die, can make we smile or cry, can make we being a piggy or skinny, can drive us crazy and hell yeah that's moi believe is just the power of love.

But, for moi, the philosophy is simple. Moi just want to love and be loved simultaneously. To be comfortable with our significant other. To complement each other. To be up and down together. To share the joy and sadness. To sacrifice and being selfless for our happiness. To love everyday and every single day without any doubt. To be strong for any challenges. To be the better person for the sake of the love. And to love the person as what/who they are without compromise.

InsyaAllah :)

Moi is so thankful to Allah swt for bringing the best significant people in moi's life. Only death bring us apart.

Endless Love

Storgehood Love

Soulful Love

Bestieshood Love

Platonic Love

Unconditional Love

Gossip-Girl Love

Friendster Love

Giantic Love

BFF Love

Coupledome Love

Dude & Dudette of OTC Love :p

Hopeless & Useless Love

No matter how moi define the love regardless of its superficial, moi is soo grateful to have those varieties of love. The enormous kind of love that colors moi's life that offer multiple taste as it's sweet, sour or bitter.




Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mock Call

Dedicated to B.185,

To all trainees,

We have gone through our day with 1st Mock Calls. Alhamdullilah :)

I must say that im quite satisfied with your guys performance even most of u guys fatal by making silly mistakes.

But, it's ok. We can improve so keep on the good work for 2nd Mock Calls ok!

Anyhow, the upcoming challenges is about to begin. Stay focus in my class since our technical training, u know all the troubleshootings/configurations/tech knowledge will be a bit difficult, confusing and lotsa technical details that make u wanna throw up compare to product training...haha but i promise to make it as easy as ABC...huhu ( wahhh harusslaaa berfikiran positiff gitu huhu )

So, i believe u guys can do it well but plsss dont play-play to much ok!

Katana b.185

Cik Ain & Trainees

After class pose :)

P/S: Terima kasih sekali lg kerana berjaya untuk tidak memaruah calarkan diri saya tanpa ada fatal kesemuanya...muahaha

With love and concern,

Your truly Trainer

Friday, February 05, 2010

3 years to 30

Salam and Hi to all,

Recently, moi is having difficulty to sleep at night. For the past fortnight, yeah almost 2 weeks now, moi is totally like a zombie. No idea what is the cause of it, but it's most probably due to the work hours. Last week, moi has started to give training to new batch 185. We have our class starting at 4.30 everyday. So, hell yeah, it might be the root cause. ( wahh condifennn katenyaa!!! wakkaka ) Whatever it is, moi is just happy because well, no more early wake up and more time for activities between besties plus moi's sayang ( arghhh da dtg gatal mengiyaam haku ni ;p ) during the weekdays.

Yesterday and last Monday, moi went to watch movie Case 39 and Spy next door. Case 39 is quite the same with The Orphan. The genre of the movie and it's storyline is just almost the same. Anyhoots, moi still kinda enjoyed it. Spy next door is just hilarious comedy movie to watch. Likey!!!

Lunchie time

kiss me??? :)

simply chickyrice

lepak playground

small eyes big nose in huge face frame

Ohh yeah, not to forget, last wednesday was a B'day for moi's bestie P.U.T.E.R.I N.O.R.A.S.H.E.K.I.N

Wished her already via bubble sms, sms, facebook and now in moi's precious blog...wakakaka ( gila tamak...sume channel nk wish :) )






we are gleed @ chilis

big appetite for small tummy

big appetite for big tummy...hell yeah!!!

b'day gigirl

passionately waiting

Presenting the foodiesss, hell we were very hungry at that time so yeah we know the meals ordered way tooo big for two of us...who cares??? hahaha

That's about it peeps.

Ohh no, there is one more thing moi wanna share, just got a sms texting saying that...

" Nite syg, if luving u is a sin, i will carry the sin at my shoulder 4ever...i luv u...Allah is testing us"

It touched moi but's not that's complicated. Period.

Well, take care everyone.