Monday, February 22, 2010


Happy Not-so-plain Monday to all,

Finally, after 2 days off, Monday comes again but this time, Moi loves Monday is just differ...the feeling towards today isnt really the same as before.

Reason: Maybe moi had a blast weekend. Reunion on Sat ( 20/2/10) with Danell Lee (winner of 1st season of One In The Million) and Wed's ceremony + program Jln2 melawat berukss smbl beraksi memberukss mengalahkn berukss (21/2/10) make moi's day even more sweeter :)

Yesterday, bby A.A smsed mentioned that she's on the way to meet moi but it's was a lil bit too late as moi already make a move to follow Ms.bestie Betty. She wanted to wait up until moi came back as the kenduri took place at Kuala Selangor.

So, the funny part occur when she make a deal that she is willing to wait and moi said that will be back after 2-3 hours but end up to 5-6 hours...wakaka izit my bad??? Hell yeah, there was an additional "add-on-seisi-melawat-beruk" program. It was pretty last min pun but anyhoots, harusslaaa mak suke seisi berjimba-jimba bersama beruksss u'ols smp bergado2 bagai muahaha ;p

The sms she sent to moi:

"ape2 je la..nk i tggu ke x ni??? ke ade nk sggh tmn binatang lain plak jap g??? tmn gajah ke, badak ke, babi ke....

( gile piss off minah ni..chill la popo..da asek gan berukss smp lpe nk inform blk lmbt skit hehehe ) -----> sorry dek nun...mak terkesima sgt so x sengaja...sorry ehhh :(

Jln2 cr berukss :)

feed them up @ bukit malawati

Kenduri Kahwin

after melantakss nasi minyak :)

berangan ats pelamin ;p

The clock in moi's netbook state it is 3:20am. Yeah, normally moi loves to blog at this eerie hour.Mind is clearer at this mo. Easy to spill things out but today nothing nk dispill outkan :p

Our outing reunion piccas. Enjoy!

uslicious @ chocolatelicious :)

pose atas bridge OU :p

Danell Lee

are bee & sha

go mkn2 with heart??? hell yeah :)

old x-smate

food of love

moi with sha beraksi gedikss

ske pose ni sbb cm perasan tuloosss :)

hang out @ Souled Out

Mmm, pretty awesome evening hanging with them. Frankly, they are just almost the same person as back then. Funny and OTC ( otak-tak-center ) muahaha. Peace. Love to catch up once again with u'guys some other time okey!!!( Rasa cm xpuas nk myengall together2 lg hehe )

That's all for the update. Catch up later all bloggers.

Take care

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