Sunday, February 14, 2010


L.O.V.E = C.I.N.T.A = S.A.Y.A.N.G to all,

It's V'day. Everyone loves V'day. Moi either. Everyday is a L.O.V.E day and moi gonna fill it with so much love. Loves towards the fam, besties, bf, gf, collaques and every single creature that ever exist in this universe. ( coppp, ape yg cube aku merepekkn ni??? hahaha layannn :) )

This entry was pending as a draft due to time-constraint. Hell yeah. Hectic + chaos are just the prefect words to define how busy moi plus less time to even mumbling merapuing in moi's blog.

Moi believe that love can be defined in such a dynamic way regardless of it's superficial.

Moi believe that love can be created, can be developed, can be demolished as usual, can be projected/express in so many ways, can be the medicine or the poison, can be our belonging or to be shared, can be what we want it to be or just let it be as it grows, love sometimes can make we fly or die, can make we smile or cry, can make we being a piggy or skinny, can drive us crazy and hell yeah that's moi believe is just the power of love.

But, for moi, the philosophy is simple. Moi just want to love and be loved simultaneously. To be comfortable with our significant other. To complement each other. To be up and down together. To share the joy and sadness. To sacrifice and being selfless for our happiness. To love everyday and every single day without any doubt. To be strong for any challenges. To be the better person for the sake of the love. And to love the person as what/who they are without compromise.

InsyaAllah :)

Moi is so thankful to Allah swt for bringing the best significant people in moi's life. Only death bring us apart.

Endless Love

Storgehood Love

Soulful Love

Bestieshood Love

Platonic Love

Unconditional Love

Gossip-Girl Love

Friendster Love

Giantic Love

BFF Love

Coupledome Love

Dude & Dudette of OTC Love :p

Hopeless & Useless Love

No matter how moi define the love regardless of its superficial, moi is soo grateful to have those varieties of love. The enormous kind of love that colors moi's life that offer multiple taste as it's sweet, sour or bitter.




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