Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get set...Ready and Go :)


Moi is almost ready for the adventure starting tomorrow. There is only few things need to be settled by tonight. Insya'Allah. Hope everything runs smoothly. Amin.

*packing mode.

Gotta choose which backpacks suit moi's spec. huhu ( super poyo :p )

The Silver/Red:

  • suitable for camping trip.
  • good stability. *full support to backbone*
  • love the vibrant color
  • limited compartments
  • air-pass tech.
  • waterproof material.
  • light to carry.
The Silver/Black:
  • suitable for traveling.
  • quite stylish thou color is plain.
  • half support to the backbone less stability * suit for tall people*
  • many small/medium compartments
  • material is more heavy.

Mm, the black is definitely good for moi's spec but moi prefer the red one coz it's just feel good.

Catch wif ya later.

Gotta dinner with bestie.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aqualicious :)

Salam and Happy W'day,

Today, 24 March 2010 and moi got 2 more days for B' trippy. Finally, the time has come. Pretty soon moi will embrace the unbelievable artifact from 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World.

"Great Wall, im coming to see how wonderful you are that makes me wonder"

Remember the quote from Prophet Muhammad s.a.w " Seeking knowledge up until u reach China". Insya'Allah.

Well, this whole week is truly an unfocused week for moi. Moi's heart, brain, soul isnt sync with moi's body as what nisha said. (symptom excited + nebess + xkeruan nk g berjimba2 dan harussslaaa separuh jiwa kuuuu sudaaa pun terbang melayang ke sana...jom p kutip huhuhu :) )

Mm, so last weekend was "Only-girls-day-out" full of fun-filled activities. We went to F.R.I.M at selayang for "aquarinas" session. :) We planned to be differ for this outing, no more just watching movie, go jln2 cr mkn, or just cam-whoring at the same mall. Bored!

So, moi's besties came up with idea to spend our day together at the nearest waterfall. We decided to walk and it was totally not a good idea as it was pretty far. ( lain kali kte bwk msk kete ehh kwn2...jln2 mmg best...konon2 tgk pokok2 bagai tp ianya hanya sesuayy dilakukan pada waktu pagi shj ketika udara sejuk dan redup...take note ye kwn2 muahahaha )

The walk to the waterfall took us an approximately 30minutes. ( jauh occay...harusslaa peluh mak menitis2...lelemakss sume kecairan :p ) but hell who caress!!! moi enjoyed every moment of it.

We stopped at so many pitstops for piccas. Ohhh yeah...we are just a bunch of piccas-freak. Likey!!!



zon tunda???

save the girls now??? mampuu!!!

bridge girls :)

hide & seek
aquarinas katenyee :p

aksi terbang yg hampehh

us @ frim, selayang

mohabattein pose

Alrite. Gotta stop now. Need to start packing. See u guys later.

Till then, take care


Friday, March 19, 2010

B'B Award

Salam to all,

Finally, moi've finished giving TMIS product training to SSCC trainees. They are totally awesome and outstanding. The class never be bored and they response in such a dynamic way.*wink

They did great in their Mock call also so well done guys.

Moi lovin it !!! :)

SSCC trainee Batch 18

But hey moi is missing PV. Working in Cygel consume extra energy since moi got to walk from lrt kerinchi hiking up the road to Annex 1. Exhausted wokey !!! Maybe moi ain't fit anymore. *bluekk ( gilee mgade2 wey...makcik2 TM tu elekk je jln kaki...arghhh xkira nk mgade2 gakss huhuhu )

So, as mentioned, today is the last training day. Batch 18 is undergo their 2nd Mock call. And the weird thing happen when moi gotta be their QA a.k.a customer monitored by their own SSCC's QAs. ( Harusslaaa sumenye xfatal sbb aku ni terlebeyyyy bagi hints so that they stay alert with the products, bias ke??? x kot ehh ;p )

Enuf of work tasks thingy, so now moi love to share something beautiful from moi's fave blogger a.k.a Mrs. Raksasa. You can reach her via
muahaha :)

Presenting u'ols the award awarded by her. Thanks babe. (terharu occay bile ada org give appreciation...sgt suke :p)



What can moi say for more??? Moi is so contented to be awarded as Beautiful Blogger ( it's really depends by your own definition of the word"Beautiful" *perasantan mode (~_*)V

For moi personal interpretation, beautiful can be defined subjectively. Beautiful blogger as the blogger themselves are beautifulicious (itu mmg tepat utk semua blogger fave sy ye :)

And how they express and share to others their own world is just remarkable. Reading good blogs is totally therapeutic. So inspiring and it's allow moi to see better perspective towards something. Hell yeah, it's really helping to feed the brain and the soul. *Bingooo :)

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the most incredible bloggers...

7 things about Moi

1.In the open relationship with all of moi's missess besties. Heart them mucho :)

2.Moi is having unlimited crave for caffein and never say no to food. *burppp :p

3.Love to channel out stressness by having breakie/short vaccay and always back to nature.

4.Travel to other part of the world is a MUST. At least on best-effort yearly basis. *big grin

5. Hard to admit but moi is soo into beauty/girl/spa thingy thou moi look pretty "selekeh" :(

6.Hate it when things goes so wrong but have no idea why it feels so right *confusion mode

7. Lastly, moi is so thankful and grateful to Allah swt with the "rezeki" given. Alhamdulillah.

Well, that's about it.

Ok ok ok, so listen to all bloggers that has been entitled to receive the B'B award *suke la tu :p

Here the terms and conditions need to be executed once moi tag you guys as Moi's personal Beautiful Bloggers.

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award --->checked.
2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic ----> checked.
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award ----> not done yet. *later sy notify bleyy??? :p
4. State 7 things about yourself ---> ok. done.

Happy Weekend.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiring Monday :(

Hola peeps,

Moi just woke up from 2 hours napping. haha ( harusslaa arini sy sgt capek wokey!!!) Today moi got training class at Menara Cygal. Damn exhausted walking with bloody heels from LRT kerinchi to that building Annex-1. (esok xmoo pakai heels yg konon2nye gorjoss itteww tp beralih kpd wedges yg lebeyy footy-friendly...senang nk mdaki jln yg bebukit-bukau bagaii...merana kaki mak nokk!!! :( )

Well, today moi handled SSCC trainees to cover on TMIS products until this coming Friday. Then afterward, moi can focus on the upcoming trippy. Yeay!!! AL has been approved by K & D team lead/manager. Thank you Mr.Pijut / Mr Is :)

So, main checklist need to be settled before departure:
  • Flight tickets (return) - checked. ( 15kg - depart / 20kg - return + international meals) -RM 400++
  • Hostel 6D5N - checked. - RM 275
  • Visa - checked ( no idea why do we need to do the visa thingy??? it cost us RM63 per pax)
  • Passport - checked.
  • Backpack Deuter 65L - checked. ( courtesy from Ms. AA, tengkiuu doling :) )
  • H1N1 vaccine - in progress ( we're not sure whether it's compulsory to get a shot, guys we shud call MOH to confirm alrite!!! )
  • Outfits - not yet. Winter to spring outfits. Moi aint got any so most probably on the 1st day we reach there, definitely we need to hunt for the proper clothes. Hooyeahh :) ( sila bare in mind cik ain, proper clothes doesnt count you can wear shirt and legging occay and plsss aware that flip-flop is such a Big no-no) *wink

Well, that the main lists that need to be settled in 2 weeks time. Hope thing goes smoothly.

InsyaAllah. Amin :)

The pics below has nothing to do with this entry. ( Motiff??? harusslaa posing berangan wakaka )

Ms. Seed nye safety guard :)

asal bole pose di mana jua katenyee huhuhu

flower ballon

Chiow cin cau :)

Take care.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Walkathon for Women

Hye Ladies,

In conjuction to International Women Day for 2010, lets support our Women Day by joining the walkathon that is proudly presents by UNICEF & 3R together with others NGOs such as AWAM, WAO, SIS, EMPOWER and many more.

Check out the details of the event:-

Date: 13th March 2010

Time: 12pm until 8pm

The venue: One Utama Central Park

So dont forget to log on to for registration as it is FREE!!!
(goodie bag will be given upon registration)

There will also be performances by One Nation Emcees, Lah Ahmaad, Aizat , Dayang Nurfaizah, Vince Chong and Azlan & the Typewriter

And the best about it is THREADSZOO which will take place on the fun part - Lots of SHOPPING booths!

The tentative of the program as below:

12.00pm Threadszoo Bazaar dan gerai NGO dibuka.
4:00pm Pendaftaran walkathon
5:00pm Pembukaan Majlis oleh Hos-hos 3R,Persembahan dari Extreme Malaysian All Stars (Pasukan Sorak)
5:05pm Ucapan oleh Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir
5:10pm Sesi Senaman oleh Celebrity Fitness
5:30pm Acara ‘Walkathon’ BERMULA
6:00pm Kumpulan Walkathon kembali ke Central Park
6:05pm Aktiviti bersama Hos-hos 3R
6.10pm Konsert Bermula !
8:00pm Penutup oleh hos-hos 3R

So ladies, what are you waiting for???

Lets get together to make our Women Day happening ( Moi likey :))


Day to Declare

Salam & morning to all,

The time at moi's netbook hits 2.45am and yeay today is the last day of working day. Love frietag. Anyways, you guys must be wondering what the heck am moi doing in the middle of the night ( gile ke hape writing blog at this hour kan??? ) Well, actually moi just came back from work around 1.30am and yes even though moi is physically exhausted, it doesn't mean that moi able to just dozy off like everybody else. ( Sy ada mslh utk tido wokey wlpn penat :( ) Maybe this happen b'coz moi is a nocturnal freak or maybe b'coz of too much caffeine intake or it's just that sleeping late is a normal habitual routine. ( ape-ape je la assumption nye cik ain oii !!! )

Today is finale test called OJA for Batch 185. We started our session pretty late due to constraint. Sorry guys, we didn't have a chance it to cover on i-care system exspecially for verification purpose. Thanks to our venue tech lab, i-care system cannot be opened and limitation on the room availability for i-care training cant be avoided. And thanks to QA for the instant training before the OJA. Really appreciate their effort. Anyhoots, we did make it through.

Well, enuf of work related issue. This entry is suppose to be a recap on weekend short trippy and other activities throughout last weekdays.

So, the trip was actually a treat for moi's close platonic friend for her b'day gift.

A short beachy trippy.

lepaking by the sea shore

waiting for the sunset

moi in night mode

Ms. Platonicilious

Ms. Ainlicious yg super poyo (~_^)

aku & kau

embrace the sound of the wave

ready for banana boaty

bekfes time

dinner time

Done with these piccas. Sorry the pics revolve around us only ( so balik2 muke kteorg je la hadaap selg bley !!! ) huhuhu

So apart from that, last week if moi not mistaken, moi went to spa for self-pampering. Hell yeah, the weird thing when moi went by moiself. Yup, all alone. Ms. Betty last min unable to make it but thank godness moi entitled to be treated in VIP suite. VIP suite is for 2 persons so lucky moi they allowed moi to use the suite. ( so ape lg tergedek2 la mandi dlm couple bathtub tu sorg2...harusslaa cm buhsan if ada cik betty bley gossip2 muahaha )

manicure session

my fave therapist

manicure corner

pampering time

hydro bathing

So, here you go. Another habitual monthly routine. Pampering session in spa. Moi's way of channeling out the physicals stressness. Fave treatment: Thai shiatsu massage and relaxing hydrobath followed by mani session. It's worth it as it makes you feel so soulful alive. Very therapeutic.

Last but not least,

Happy 3rd Anniversary


Moi heart y.o.u

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Serial of Quickie Vaccay

Hi peeps,

Welcome back from breakie...

What a pretty short trippy but yet it's so fun-filled and damn refreshing...
Should do it more often...a must...definitely. *wink*

Pretty descent quick getaway that located nearer to kl and it's all about embracing the beauty of nature.

Moi likey !!!

Nevertheless, the most least things is that it doesnt have to be a big hole in your pocket.

Making our day by savouring the beauty of the nature with limited budget. Hell yeah.

So that what moi did for last weekend. Enjoy moiself without splurging. Cool. ( harusslaa perlu berjimat for next big trippy ;) )

Spent time with moi's trainees at Sg.Sendat waterfall and treat moi's bestie a sweet memorable "birth"day by walking down the sea shore.

Astonishing moi might say.

Im lovin it ;)

us @ sg. sendat

selenge itu kami ;p

ada motiff ke di situ??? muahaha

Hutan Lipur Sg. Sendat

chicky starzz

divasss or dugongss on the way ;p

love them



Voila :) Thanks to all outstanding and "gila-gila" trainees for the outing trip. Hope u guys will do great in upcoming OJA. Good luck and all the best.

Take care.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


This special entry is dedicated for you,
Happy Birthday Ms Platonicilious (~_^)V

First of all, thank for being such a good buddy who always there for me, exspecially when i was totally down. Mentally and emositionally distorted. You hit me at the correct point. Gotcha moi. Huhu (mulalaa haku nk merepek wey haha ;p )

Anyway, babe... i really appreciate what have u done for me...yeah...u trigger my bromance love... (gile jiwang weh muahahhaa hadaap je ;) )

So, on your special day, harusslaa aku nk wish Birthday utk ko...sory r sbb aku mmg xsmpt nk wat B'day party utk ko (perlu ke party2 bagai wey lg2 utk ko yg xbape nk mude mudi hehehe) !!! muahaha so hadapplaa cupcakes yg ala2 ceciput tu je...for your b'day gift...jom vaccay...mari kte tenangkan fikiran smbl berjimba2???

What say u darls *wink*

only cuppycakes ;p

moi lovin it
b'day girlssboyish ;p

aunt with niece

moi with eiyish

(Mehh dgr ni...aku rs cm nak nyanyi lagu You by Switchfoot utk ko :) )

There's always something in the way...

There's always something getting through...

It's not me...

It's you.
It's you.

Sometimes ignorance rings true...

But hope is not in...

What i know.

It's not me...

It's in you.

It's in you.

It's all i know.
It's all i know.
It's all i know.

And I find peace...

When i'm confused...

I find hope...

When i'm let down...

Not in me.


In You.

It's in You.

I hope to lose myself for good...

I hope to find it in the end...

Not in me.


In You.
In You.

It's all i know.
It's all i know.

It's all i know in you.

In You.

It's in You.

Monday, March 01, 2010

1st March 2010

Salam & Hola to all,

Finally, 28 days of Feb is ended. It's 1st Monday of March. Sometimes, it feels like life is flashes before moi's eyes. A day is simply ends pretty fast to be noticed. Yup. Nonetheless, moi is counting days to the biggest trippy for this year...26 days to go...ohh cant wait for it...( cam nebess + excited + xkeruan r plak...huhu gedikss ;p)

Nothing special occured during the weekend, moi just hang out with besties. Went to Ms.Put's colleque Abg Zack's kenduri doa selawat for his house warming. On the way back, we stopped by the pond. Took piccas and cam-whoring here and there then continue our lepaking session by having dinner & syisha at Danau Kota.

Pretty lazzzy to update this entry. Mm moi posting the pics wokey. Enjoy.

moi likey the pond ;)


doa selamat @ abg zack's new crib

put's ride

us @ put's crib

Ohh yeah, it's been an ages since last update about moi's tok health condition. She's still does really doing pretty well. Last visit, she was not stable yet and she had admitted for almost 2 months now.

Moi with tok

miss her

tok ikat tocang

"Tok, ein doakan tok cepat sembuh. Every time, ein dtg tok xbley nk ckp maybe sbb kesan ubat kot tp xpe ein still borak2 je sbb ein tau tok bley dgr. Sedey tgk tok just lying down mcm tu je xbley nk wtpe2. Takut tgk tok nye mesin2 ubat tu. Xpe la. Mm ein winduu r nk mkn tok nye msk. Cepat la baik tok. Ein sedey sgt tgk tok sakit lama sgt. Everytime dtg tgk tok asek xbley control nk nanges je. Ya Allah, aku berdoa pada mu agar kembalikan la kesihatan tokku. Amin. "

Miss and love you tok. Wish you get well pretty soon. Amin