Monday, March 01, 2010

1st March 2010

Salam & Hola to all,

Finally, 28 days of Feb is ended. It's 1st Monday of March. Sometimes, it feels like life is flashes before moi's eyes. A day is simply ends pretty fast to be noticed. Yup. Nonetheless, moi is counting days to the biggest trippy for this year...26 days to go...ohh cant wait for it...( cam nebess + excited + xkeruan r plak...huhu gedikss ;p)

Nothing special occured during the weekend, moi just hang out with besties. Went to Ms.Put's colleque Abg Zack's kenduri doa selawat for his house warming. On the way back, we stopped by the pond. Took piccas and cam-whoring here and there then continue our lepaking session by having dinner & syisha at Danau Kota.

Pretty lazzzy to update this entry. Mm moi posting the pics wokey. Enjoy.

moi likey the pond ;)


doa selamat @ abg zack's new crib

put's ride

us @ put's crib

Ohh yeah, it's been an ages since last update about moi's tok health condition. She's still does really doing pretty well. Last visit, she was not stable yet and she had admitted for almost 2 months now.

Moi with tok

miss her

tok ikat tocang

"Tok, ein doakan tok cepat sembuh. Every time, ein dtg tok xbley nk ckp maybe sbb kesan ubat kot tp xpe ein still borak2 je sbb ein tau tok bley dgr. Sedey tgk tok just lying down mcm tu je xbley nk wtpe2. Takut tgk tok nye mesin2 ubat tu. Xpe la. Mm ein winduu r nk mkn tok nye msk. Cepat la baik tok. Ein sedey sgt tgk tok sakit lama sgt. Everytime dtg tgk tok asek xbley control nk nanges je. Ya Allah, aku berdoa pada mu agar kembalikan la kesihatan tokku. Amin. "

Miss and love you tok. Wish you get well pretty soon. Amin

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