Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aqualicious :)

Salam and Happy W'day,

Today, 24 March 2010 and moi got 2 more days for B' trippy. Finally, the time has come. Pretty soon moi will embrace the unbelievable artifact from 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World.

"Great Wall, im coming to see how wonderful you are that makes me wonder"

Remember the quote from Prophet Muhammad s.a.w " Seeking knowledge up until u reach China". Insya'Allah.

Well, this whole week is truly an unfocused week for moi. Moi's heart, brain, soul isnt sync with moi's body as what nisha said. (symptom excited + nebess + xkeruan nk g berjimba2 dan harussslaaa separuh jiwa kuuuu sudaaa pun terbang melayang ke sana...jom p kutip huhuhu :) )

Mm, so last weekend was "Only-girls-day-out" full of fun-filled activities. We went to F.R.I.M at selayang for "aquarinas" session. :) We planned to be differ for this outing, no more just watching movie, go jln2 cr mkn, or just cam-whoring at the same mall. Bored!

So, moi's besties came up with idea to spend our day together at the nearest waterfall. We decided to walk and it was totally not a good idea as it was pretty far. ( lain kali kte bwk msk kete ehh kwn2...jln2 mmg best...konon2 tgk pokok2 bagai tp ianya hanya sesuayy dilakukan pada waktu pagi shj ketika udara sejuk dan redup...take note ye kwn2 muahahaha )

The walk to the waterfall took us an approximately 30minutes. ( jauh occay...harusslaa peluh mak menitis2...lelemakss sume kecairan :p ) but hell who caress!!! moi enjoyed every moment of it.

We stopped at so many pitstops for piccas. Ohhh yeah...we are just a bunch of piccas-freak. Likey!!!



zon tunda???

save the girls now??? mampuu!!!

bridge girls :)

hide & seek
aquarinas katenyee :p

aksi terbang yg hampehh

us @ frim, selayang

mohabattein pose

Alrite. Gotta stop now. Need to start packing. See u guys later.

Till then, take care


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