Friday, March 19, 2010

B'B Award

Salam to all,

Finally, moi've finished giving TMIS product training to SSCC trainees. They are totally awesome and outstanding. The class never be bored and they response in such a dynamic way.*wink

They did great in their Mock call also so well done guys.

Moi lovin it !!! :)

SSCC trainee Batch 18

But hey moi is missing PV. Working in Cygel consume extra energy since moi got to walk from lrt kerinchi hiking up the road to Annex 1. Exhausted wokey !!! Maybe moi ain't fit anymore. *bluekk ( gilee mgade2 wey...makcik2 TM tu elekk je jln kaki...arghhh xkira nk mgade2 gakss huhuhu )

So, as mentioned, today is the last training day. Batch 18 is undergo their 2nd Mock call. And the weird thing happen when moi gotta be their QA a.k.a customer monitored by their own SSCC's QAs. ( Harusslaaa sumenye xfatal sbb aku ni terlebeyyyy bagi hints so that they stay alert with the products, bias ke??? x kot ehh ;p )

Enuf of work tasks thingy, so now moi love to share something beautiful from moi's fave blogger a.k.a Mrs. Raksasa. You can reach her via
muahaha :)

Presenting u'ols the award awarded by her. Thanks babe. (terharu occay bile ada org give appreciation...sgt suke :p)



What can moi say for more??? Moi is so contented to be awarded as Beautiful Blogger ( it's really depends by your own definition of the word"Beautiful" *perasantan mode (~_*)V

For moi personal interpretation, beautiful can be defined subjectively. Beautiful blogger as the blogger themselves are beautifulicious (itu mmg tepat utk semua blogger fave sy ye :)

And how they express and share to others their own world is just remarkable. Reading good blogs is totally therapeutic. So inspiring and it's allow moi to see better perspective towards something. Hell yeah, it's really helping to feed the brain and the soul. *Bingooo :)

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the most incredible bloggers...

7 things about Moi

1.In the open relationship with all of moi's missess besties. Heart them mucho :)

2.Moi is having unlimited crave for caffein and never say no to food. *burppp :p

3.Love to channel out stressness by having breakie/short vaccay and always back to nature.

4.Travel to other part of the world is a MUST. At least on best-effort yearly basis. *big grin

5. Hard to admit but moi is soo into beauty/girl/spa thingy thou moi look pretty "selekeh" :(

6.Hate it when things goes so wrong but have no idea why it feels so right *confusion mode

7. Lastly, moi is so thankful and grateful to Allah swt with the "rezeki" given. Alhamdulillah.

Well, that's about it.

Ok ok ok, so listen to all bloggers that has been entitled to receive the B'B award *suke la tu :p

Here the terms and conditions need to be executed once moi tag you guys as Moi's personal Beautiful Bloggers.

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award --->checked.
2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic ----> checked.
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award ----> not done yet. *later sy notify bleyy??? :p
4. State 7 things about yourself ---> ok. done.

Happy Weekend.


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