Friday, March 12, 2010

Day to Declare

Salam & morning to all,

The time at moi's netbook hits 2.45am and yeay today is the last day of working day. Love frietag. Anyways, you guys must be wondering what the heck am moi doing in the middle of the night ( gile ke hape writing blog at this hour kan??? ) Well, actually moi just came back from work around 1.30am and yes even though moi is physically exhausted, it doesn't mean that moi able to just dozy off like everybody else. ( Sy ada mslh utk tido wokey wlpn penat :( ) Maybe this happen b'coz moi is a nocturnal freak or maybe b'coz of too much caffeine intake or it's just that sleeping late is a normal habitual routine. ( ape-ape je la assumption nye cik ain oii !!! )

Today is finale test called OJA for Batch 185. We started our session pretty late due to constraint. Sorry guys, we didn't have a chance it to cover on i-care system exspecially for verification purpose. Thanks to our venue tech lab, i-care system cannot be opened and limitation on the room availability for i-care training cant be avoided. And thanks to QA for the instant training before the OJA. Really appreciate their effort. Anyhoots, we did make it through.

Well, enuf of work related issue. This entry is suppose to be a recap on weekend short trippy and other activities throughout last weekdays.

So, the trip was actually a treat for moi's close platonic friend for her b'day gift.

A short beachy trippy.

lepaking by the sea shore

waiting for the sunset

moi in night mode

Ms. Platonicilious

Ms. Ainlicious yg super poyo (~_^)

aku & kau

embrace the sound of the wave

ready for banana boaty

bekfes time

dinner time

Done with these piccas. Sorry the pics revolve around us only ( so balik2 muke kteorg je la hadaap selg bley !!! ) huhuhu

So apart from that, last week if moi not mistaken, moi went to spa for self-pampering. Hell yeah, the weird thing when moi went by moiself. Yup, all alone. Ms. Betty last min unable to make it but thank godness moi entitled to be treated in VIP suite. VIP suite is for 2 persons so lucky moi they allowed moi to use the suite. ( so ape lg tergedek2 la mandi dlm couple bathtub tu sorg2...harusslaa cm buhsan if ada cik betty bley gossip2 muahaha )

manicure session

my fave therapist

manicure corner

pampering time

hydro bathing

So, here you go. Another habitual monthly routine. Pampering session in spa. Moi's way of channeling out the physicals stressness. Fave treatment: Thai shiatsu massage and relaxing hydrobath followed by mani session. It's worth it as it makes you feel so soulful alive. Very therapeutic.

Last but not least,

Happy 3rd Anniversary


Moi heart y.o.u

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