Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get set...Ready and Go :)


Moi is almost ready for the adventure starting tomorrow. There is only few things need to be settled by tonight. Insya'Allah. Hope everything runs smoothly. Amin.

*packing mode.

Gotta choose which backpacks suit moi's spec. huhu ( super poyo :p )

The Silver/Red:

  • suitable for camping trip.
  • good stability. *full support to backbone*
  • love the vibrant color
  • limited compartments
  • air-pass tech.
  • waterproof material.
  • light to carry.
The Silver/Black:
  • suitable for traveling.
  • quite stylish thou color is plain.
  • half support to the backbone less stability * suit for tall people*
  • many small/medium compartments
  • material is more heavy.

Mm, the black is definitely good for moi's spec but moi prefer the red one coz it's just feel good.

Catch wif ya later.

Gotta dinner with bestie.

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