Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Serial of Quickie Vaccay

Hi peeps,

Welcome back from breakie...

What a pretty short trippy but yet it's so fun-filled and damn refreshing...
Should do it more often...a must...definitely. *wink*

Pretty descent quick getaway that located nearer to kl and it's all about embracing the beauty of nature.

Moi likey !!!

Nevertheless, the most least things is that it doesnt have to be a big hole in your pocket.

Making our day by savouring the beauty of the nature with limited budget. Hell yeah.

So that what moi did for last weekend. Enjoy moiself without splurging. Cool. ( harusslaa perlu berjimat for next big trippy ;) )

Spent time with moi's trainees at Sg.Sendat waterfall and treat moi's bestie ms.gf a sweet memorable "birth"day by walking down the sea shore.

Astonishing moi might say.

Im lovin it ;)

us @ sg. sendat

selenge itu kami ;p

ada motiff ke di situ??? muahaha

Hutan Lipur Sg. Sendat

chicky starzz

divasss or dugongss on the way ;p

love them



Voila :) Thanks to all outstanding and "gila-gila" trainees for the outing trip. Hope u guys will do great in upcoming OJA. Good luck and all the best.

Take care.

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