Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiring Monday :(

Hola peeps,

Moi just woke up from 2 hours napping. haha ( harusslaa arini sy sgt capek wokey!!!) Today moi got training class at Menara Cygal. Damn exhausted walking with bloody heels from LRT kerinchi to that building Annex-1. (esok xmoo pakai heels yg konon2nye gorjoss itteww tp beralih kpd wedges yg lebeyy footy-friendly...senang nk mdaki jln yg bebukit-bukau bagaii...merana kaki mak nokk!!! :( )

Well, today moi handled SSCC trainees to cover on TMIS products until this coming Friday. Then afterward, moi can focus on the upcoming trippy. Yeay!!! AL has been approved by K & D team lead/manager. Thank you Mr.Pijut / Mr Is :)

So, main checklist need to be settled before departure:
  • Flight tickets (return) - checked. ( 15kg - depart / 20kg - return + international meals) -RM 400++
  • Hostel 6D5N - checked. - RM 275
  • Visa - checked ( no idea why do we need to do the visa thingy??? it cost us RM63 per pax)
  • Passport - checked.
  • Backpack Deuter 65L - checked. ( courtesy from Ms. AA, tengkiuu doling :) )
  • H1N1 vaccine - in progress ( we're not sure whether it's compulsory to get a shot, guys we shud call MOH to confirm alrite!!! )
  • Outfits - not yet. Winter to spring outfits. Moi aint got any so most probably on the 1st day we reach there, definitely we need to hunt for the proper clothes. Hooyeahh :) ( sila bare in mind cik ain, proper clothes doesnt count you can wear shirt and legging occay and plsss aware that flip-flop is such a Big no-no) *wink

Well, that the main lists that need to be settled in 2 weeks time. Hope thing goes smoothly.

InsyaAllah. Amin :)

The pics below has nothing to do with this entry. ( Motiff??? harusslaa posing berangan wakaka )

Ms. Seed nye safety guard :)

asal bole pose di mana jua katenyee huhuhu

flower ballon

Chiow cin cau :)

Take care.


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