Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ain-di-Wonderland :)

Attention to all besties,

Currently, moi is having unlimited desire to go to this place so-called-ain-in-wonderland (*_*)V

So dearies gigirl, it would be super duper extraorganza if u guys can slot time so that we can cam-whoring ourself in here. This place called i-City sumwhere in Shah Alam...*tp xtau cmne nk g hahaha loser :p tp xpe demi pokok kaler2 itteww mari dan jom kte beramai2 menerjah sj tmpt ni...gune garmin sudaaa...huhuhu


P/S: Korg meh la kte g sini eh eh eh...bley tgk pokok kaler2...cgt chanteek wokey...i likeeee very2 mucho!!! ahaaaks :)

*piccas courtesy from faried to him :)


Epitome of Ainliciouscity :)) *super poyo weyyy huhuhu

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