Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bestie's Engagement

Salam and Happy weekend to all,

Last entry had been written few minutes ago but moi've forgotten to slot in the importante event held yesterday.

It was moi's super bestie engagement ceremony. Yupp, she is finally engaged. Moi is pretty contented for her plus a bit saddy feelin *xtipu occay sy rs sedey dan sebak sbb nnt da kureng sorg partner in crime utk aksi jimba2 :( plus rakan osmet utk bgosip di kala mlm uwaaaa cedey!!!

So, this entry is dedicated to her.

Moi've known her since form 3. That time, moi's dad posting to Jitra *sumpah sy sgt rebel time ni...gile ke hapee budak kl tetibe g tmpt jin bertendang --- at least that was my thought at that particular but now it's different...Jitra is such an rural peaceful place to be :)

Ehh cop, pahal citer psl haku plak ni...ok ok..sebenarnye nk stoli psl cik siti solehah aka ct betty suarez *id fb dia hehe

Almost 11 years moi've known Ms Siti. What can i say about her. She's the most generous, honest, helpful, supportive and adorable friend. She always say something sweet, she is soo super humble *kdg2 kena maki gaksss sbb humble xkena tmp but yet sy sgt syg dia just like my own sister. *cehhh tertibe menitis plak airmata hakuu ni --- bg laluan utk sy berpoyoan di sini :(

Anyway, yupp we are so tight n shit.*sgt rapat. We share almost everything. Be up and down together. Sometime, moi feel bad for being moody to her but yet she's just cool about it. *beb, sorry aku mmg keji :( ya ampunn ya neng...gue ini ade time nya OTC *otak x center...huhu

my gorgeous bff :)

her amor mr.jai

fave color---> purplish theme

k.a.m.i s.e.k.a.w.a.n

flower girls :)

moi envy her mucho

heart them

my f.s.i.l

Note to my bestie,

Beb, ko da engage...Bestnyee... :( Nnt ko kawen, aku nk cop jd pengapit tau. Oleh yg demikian, aku akan berusaha dgn lebeyy tekun utk mengurangkn lelemaksss vaviss agar kelihatan gorjosss di atas pelamin...ahaksss terlebeyyy sudaa cm aku plak nk kawen muahahaha :p...Anyway, i wish all the best to you. Semoga murah rejekiii...cpt2 kawen...cpt2 dpt baby..nnt aku kidnap babyyy ko bw g jln2...*mode berangan jap :)

Ok better stop now...kang lg manyak aku merapu meraban...huhuhu

Take care

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