Monday, April 12, 2010

Nowhere to Everywhere :)

Salam and Hola,

Isnin dtg lagi...ohh noo!!! :) cant wait for weekend to come again :p Hahaha gosh moi is suppose to land moiself to dreamland now but WTfun night could today be that makes moi stay awake up to this hour...uwaaa :( *mata ohh mata jom la kte g tdo...nape mata segar bugar nihh :( da pkl 3.00 pagi occayy!!!

K fine...if xmoo tdo lg jom wat blog...jom merapu dan meraban smp ngantuk yer muahaha :)

So, lets digging back what's happening during the last week. Here you go...

1) On 5th April, moi've started new batch BAU 160(A). There is total of 26 trainees and the venue of the training classroom is located at 40th floor Menara TM. *sgt suke class dikala ptg...nnt update pic this new batch k!

2) On 7th April, ms AA's mom has been admitted to orthopaedic ward due to cancer that attack her pelvic bones. She's going to undergo the operation soon. Hope everything goes smoothly. InsyaAllah. Amin.

3) On 8th April, both of my besties is going for their bandung trippy. Unfortunely, moi is desperately wanna join them but since moi just got back from beijing so nayyy forget it!!! * pitih sudaaa eleekk poracikkk la :(

4) On 9th April, Friday *faveret day sy...huhu After finished class, moi off to ms AA's home. She asked to stay the weekend at her house. This week no activity berjimba2 at all due to ms AA's mom condition. We keep ourself pretty much lay low by accompany her mom at the hospital :(

5) On Saturday 10th April, moi is suppose to take SPA exam for PTD and Immigration post but moi didnt make it to the test. Reason: time-constraint yesss not enough time to study as the notification letter received a week before the exam and hell no, moi is totally not ready this time...this is moi's 2nd time as 1st round failed :( *InsyaAllah, try next year plak k :)

So on sat, moi decided to visit Tok as she already discharged from hospital. Tok's health condition is getting better thou she's still very fatigue and barely able to speak. * Aduyaii lupe plak nk amek pic tok :(

Lastly, on Sunday 11th April, moi hang out with ms AA and her bestie Ms Linda. We spend our day at HUKM and go back and forth from nowhere to everywhere :)

gleefully :)

sy baby awk ke??? :p

gadis cuppycake *yummy

likey mucho :))

ngappp sama itu hotdog :)

make cuppycake not war *Peace (*_*)

cute & taste good:)

suprise gift :)

darlss ya mucho :)

sitting on wheelchair

senget :P
double is trouble

iyish with her mama

she's the merrier :)

lovely iyish

Not to forget, today turns to be the 4th of moi's anniversary. Glad to be with u bby. Thanks for loving me. And i loveee ur cuppycake suprise.



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