Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sassy Sunday :)


What a sassy Sunday!!

Perfect day to laid back, gobble like a piggy, gossiping and just being lazy.

Thumb up girls (*_^)v. We been to quite a number of food pitstops without any doubt,huh? *gile memvavisss pada kadar yg takkk hagak2 wey huhu ;p

This week is just a normal weekend for moi to hang out with bestie. Yeah, pretty much of habitual act to spend time with bunch of gfs. And definitely we hit the same spot over and over again without fail. Goshh we desperately need new place to jump off. Moi is so freaking bored. No more Ikea, The curve, Ikano plsss after this :( except for foodie-hunt.

Last friday, moi was on MC due to dental treatment. At night, moi decided to go to i-City in S.A to see the colorful lantern thingy. Finally, we managed to get there as moi wished :)

We took piccas like nobody business. Well, that's our main vision and mission and we did executed it successfully. *yes, we know we are bunch of cam-freak...ade hakuu kesah??? mmg x r u'olsss...zaasssss :)

On Saturday, moi decided to stay at home and opt for crib-cleaning. Overhaul the entire wardrobe which almost to collapse and moi able to settle the whole messiness within 2 days. *otak sy jd jem xberfungsi bile tgk baju sndr yg sgt byk nk dikemas plus xtau nk kemas mcm mane...uwaaa :(

After being quarantined for a day, besties will never leave moi alone. Surely, they will buzz asking to join them hang out. So, moi went for late lunch at Ayam Penyet then tea time at Winter Warmers and many other snack pitstops in between. Hell, we also gossiped about their recent Bandung trippy. *sgt jeles occay bile dgr part yg dorg soping xhingat sabar je la :p

So, next short trip will be Mabul Island, Sabah in July. Yeayy...this time only moi and Ms.Put...just the two of us...*wink

That's about it.

Take care peeps.

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