Friday, April 23, 2010

Say YES to Green Day

It's Friday morning...

It's 6.00 am and moi just wake up 3 hours back due to immense pain from the toothache. Hell yeah, it's killing moi softly. The medicated pills given by ortodoc wasnt really helpful. The painkiller pill so-called-Mepenamic acid and antibiotic Amoxycilllu arent good enough to kiss away the pain. Last thursday, moi went to dentist for crowns treatment. Today, most probably moi is going to undergo an endodontic treatment so called root-canal-therapy. *cuakk occay, ape saje la treatment wey asal gigi xyh cabut...kan senang cabut je xde la nk pk2 other alternatives yg pastinye membuatkn duitkuuu terbang melayang...hadappp :p

Enough of "gigi" topic plsss :p

Actually, yesterday was an EARTH day and all of us at the office required to wear green outfit to support GREEN day. So, moi and the rest of the trainees dressing up ourself in this refreshing color. It wasnt just us but all the Knowledge & Development in 40th level accomplished the mission by supporting the environmental day. Likeyyy!!!


Batch 168 supports GREEN DAY

acah2 ayukah anda??? ohh tidakk :p

one big happy trainees under one roof :)

Ms Tuti yg chomeyyy :)

Ms Ain Ahmad yg xbape nk ijooo (*_^)

with Ms. Zulee, dedicated trainer

free style u'olsss muahaha

That's about it.


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