Thursday, April 15, 2010

So u think u can POSE & JUMP at one pace :P

Good night sleep tight sweet dream to all :P

The digital clock shows that it's time to Zzz but nope nayyy ohh tidakkk cant sleep yet coz moi believe that moi've become an avid noctunal chochittas :(
But, it's ok...It turns to be moi's fave time to spill out and speak up in my own lil merapu & meraban blog...yuuhuu :)

Fyi, the stoli-moli about the recent vaccay as been promised is still in progress *ahahaha tipu je...i dont even start to draft the trip's itinenary to do it precisely so definitely need proper outline before start write about it---> cm bese alasan xbleyy blaa muahaha :P

Whatever la ain oiii ade hakuu kesah???? cehh sengal :)...Anyway, today's entry sounds cliche huh??? What makes u think of this so-called-acah2-cm-baguss je munyik dia nye title "So you think you can POSE & JUMP" at one pace??? hahaha

Of coz, every human being in this universe able to do it, aight???

Hell yeah...we us...*btul seyesss xtipu huhuhu

WE CAN (^_*)v
Here how we did it in our own O.v.e.r.w.h.e.l.m.i.n.G WAY :P

So u think u can dance in the air??? * Lu pk la sndr yer ahaaakss

Good nite peeps...

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