Monday, May 31, 2010

Boyfriend Watch from Fossil is here :)

Holaback ladies,

Yuuuhuuu :) Moi is so delightful bcoz finally the Fossil watch ordered from lovely Ms Atiah a.k.a SIL wannabe had arrived safely in one piece :)

Special by-hand delivery by Ms Atiah from New York Fossil Boutique. Thanks dear :) *next time nk kirim handbag COACH plak ehh...tapiiii kena tunggu pitih berkembang mekar dulu la huhu :p

Anyhoots, Ms Atiah a.k.a Nurul Nadiah Osman is my brotha's gf lil's sis who studying in R.I.T ( Rochester Institute of Technology, NY ) *wahh promote mode katenyee :p

Credit to this generous lady a.k.a supplier (*_^)V

Presenting moi's new watch from Boyfriend watches Fossil Collection...


Riley Pink Multifunction Watch

Style #: ES2251

A pearly finish gives this modern timepiece just a touch of feminine charm.

Case Size: 39 mm
Case Thickness: 12 mm
Band Width: 18 mm
Water Resistant: Up to 10 ATM
Warranty: 11-year limited
Origin: Imported

Sorry, pic a bit blur. Neways, gotta to alter the length of the watch before moi can wearing it.

Wokey dokey gotta go.

Take care peeps.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Akad & Kabul :)

Salam and Hi to all,

Selalu terpikir di benak fikiran sy bertanya adakah kahwin itu indah??? Harussslaa indah bagi mereka yang bersedia untuk memikul tanggungjawab di atas nama sebuah PERKAHWINAN :)

Mungkin ianya terlalu besar utk sy atau terlalu indah utk sy kecapi :( *amboiii bahasa mgalahkan professor madya r plak...

Baiklah. Entry ini adalah slot khas utk recap mengenai wedding sepupu sy.

Tahniah utk Mr Mohd Shafizal Mohd Shariff dan Isteri terchenta Mrs Nor Azura Abd Karim. *siap nama penuh lagi occay muahaha :p

Semoga perkahwinan ni diberkati Allah swt dan harussslaaa berkekalan sampai ke anak cucu cicit dan generasi seterusnye serta murah rezeki...Amin :)

Oleh kerana entry ni adalah pending draft disebabkan netbook yg kurang sihat maka sy agak kekureng ingatan untuk merecap semua secara details.

Lets the piccas do the job expressing the overall of the wedding flow...

Gambar perkahwinan di sebelah pihak keluarga Bride.

Homestay utk keluarga sebelah bridegroom di Bentong, Pahang.

Gambar di sebelah pihak bridegroom akan diupdate kemudian occay!!

Happy Newly Wed to both :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Derrick & Team

Hi ladiesssss,

It's 27th May,Thursday - A day session with Ms. AA. Today moi work in the evening shift so yeay!!! Got ample time to hang out and do our girlie stuff before off to work. Ms AA asked moi to accompany her to take IC at MJ. So we went there pretty early in the morning to avoid the traffic conjestion and we managed to be at MJ around 10am. After settled collecting her IC ( she got to renew her IC due to unreadable chip ) we went for lunch and jalan2 cuci mata at Sogo eventhou ppl is like semut all over the place *oleh kerana gaji blum msk so kteorg just cuci mata je wlpn sale xhingat kt Sogo tu...sedeyyy uwaaa :(

Ohh before we went to Sogo, Ms AA wanted to cut trim her hair shorter since the boyish cut is no longer visible to be seen huhu *rmbt yg sekankang kera pn ade hati nk potong pendek lg ke???? mm layannn :)

She opted to snip at Derrick & Team as the price is so damn cheap...RM10 for normal cut *ade lg ok rege ptg rmbt 10igit gile murah wey!!!

Well, that's about it the hairdo thingy.

Ohh yea last tuesday, moi had girl session with dearies bestie Ms Betty. We went for some quick shopping and break for lunchie together at Ikan bakar Kelana Jaya.
Here our lunchie moment :p

That's a lil recap entry for now.

This weekend will be a wedding ceremony for moi's cousin. Moi update about it later ok.

Till then, take care everyone.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 things of F & F.O :(

Hai kawan-kawan,

Mode perasaan saya pada hari Rabu yang tak bape nk menyeronokkan jiwa dan raga saya adalah gabungan mode-mode seperti sedih, kecewa, menyampah, meluat, xfhm motif utk sesetgh perkara dan mencikkk :(

Saya sedikit kecewa untuk sekian perkara yg terjadi dalam 1 ke 2 hari kebelakangan ini. Dan perkara2 tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

  1. Panggilan dr Mr. X-bf yg acah2 bsandiwara basi konon2 cweet caring siap dgn ayat2 cinta berbau sampah "i-syg-u-lg" katenyee, budget sy akan blembut hati dan terperdaya gan janji2 kosong bermindsetkan alphabet L besar yg dibold utk mnunjukkn ketidak ada maknenye tu semua utk masyarakat, negara dan diri sy sendiri.

  2. Miscomm dgn my dearest which is sgt la xrelevan utk digaduhkan but yet it's really annoying and devastated. Moi despise it to the max up until i feel that you're not compactible enough for me.

  3. Trainee2 batch 168 sy yg telah berusaha keras utk OJA tp masih melakukan kesilapan yg sepatutnya dpt dielakkan. Wish u guys all the best for 2nd sitting. Tolonglah buat yg terbaik bukan utk saya tp utk ms dpn korg ok?

  4. Mesyuarat agung bersama HOD, Puan Lin hari ini to clarify kedudukan Trainers dlm rangkaian k & D yg kini dikenali sebagai LLD which notify that we are under Shared biz and the worst news that we been informed about our RM500 PFP is no more applicable for us. WThell :(

    Frankly speaking, moi feel totally dismotivated. It's not just about the PFP payout, it's more like you're doing the job given as per required in the signed workscopes but yet there's no incentive for us to give the best. Personally, the so-called Business requirement watever reasons that implemented in this issue is extremely bullshit. The other positive so-called-bright-side elements that being emphasized or highlighted is just that the our career path is widely expanded. Moi puzzled by this point and barely can see how relevant it is for us :( or am moi just being ortodoc-narrow-minded?

  5. Dan dlm 4 perkara di atas yg memyedihkan sy, perkara no 5 yg paling membuatkn sy sgt bertambah2 sakit jiwa. Selepas mesyuarat td, sy dan munie decide nk tgk movie. So kteorg pn bought ticket yg showing time kul 8pm. Malas nk tunggu tgk movie yg 8juta kali lg best dan worth ur money tp sbb showing time yg agk lewat so xjd la. Tgk preview mcm best tp got no word to classify this movie but what can i say is Andartu Terlampau - 20 hari mcari suami is soooo fuckin lame and pathetic. Dlm byk2 citer melayu yg acah2 best tp hampeh atau just under so-so nye category, sy berani kerat jari this film is the worst case scenario. Seriously, xphm ape yg penerbit film ni a.k.a Haliza Misbun cuba nk deliver kt viewers. The storyline mmg ke laut la...tu confirm. Pelakon sume not bad. Ok. The main magnificent actress yg kite sume acknowledge how good she used to act in drama but in this movie, tlg la korg sndr tgk and make ur own judgement. Citer ni konon2 nk tiru citer indon tp mm hampeh :( dan berjaya membuat sy meluat pd pelakon utamanya yg trying so fuckin hard to show off something yg sy sndr xphm. Wasted je my 6bucks for lame movie. Shitto :(

Action needed: Download citer hindustan utk kaber blk kesakitan hati dan jiwa dan jantung sbb tgk movie lame td. Budusss :( Ohh lupe nk clarify F & F.O dlm title entry bermaksud Fuck n Fuck Off...*vulgar works yg sgt harsh just to emphasize the feeling i undergo now :(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enlightment in the middle of night

This is what anna do when the clock hits 3am but the eyes unable to Zzz :(

Masya'Allah :)

Lately, woman wearing hijjab has trigger anna's inner soul to do the exact. So anna went to hijjab store at Jln TAR to get dual color of inner syria and since anna already bought shawl at Qianmen street, trying best effort to match them.

Insya'Allah with the bless, the time will come for the betterness.

Amin :)

Good Nite and Salam Tuesday :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plain work days...

Salam to all lovely bloggers,

Do you keen of ur work? What's the hidden reasons to be working? People might have their own reasons for working...believe it or not...We are too commit to the money rather than the work itself either we like to admit it or moi right? We are so committed to get more and more money for better living...Think least that's the most significant relevant reason to survive in this "everything-revolve-around-money" kinda world. People always quote "Money is not everything but everything needs money". Moi cudnt agree less.

Anyhoots, for moi, not everybody is happy with their work...wrong!!! normally how hard the work is we still can bare it right? Moi always came across people who are whining about their work or people they are working with...True. Few weeks before moi lil brotha expressed how he felt so damn uneasy with the people he works with. Working for oil & gas company does require a lots of sacrification. Yupp, away from family, relatives, gf, friends can create sort of "tensed" element within himself. Plus working with people who has pretty narrow mindset is such a big obstacle to handle with too...

Sooo adek, be patience ok. Org tau ko got such a concrete strong mental and physical. Dont let people be the constraint for you to reach the peak. People is just the entity that we can deal with. We just need to know how to implement strategies on how to tackle the problem and switch it into something positive. Chaiyok chaiyok...make love to your work and ignore the people that brings you nothing.

Sometimes moi desperately wanna be kid again...Nothing to worry about...No stress no headacne...Just play and be happily glee for real...gosh how moi miss our oldies childhood so badly :(

Ohhhh dear ain....stooopppp being such an emo freakish drama time for that. Alrite. Lets talk about work then.

As far as moi concern, it is so grateful to work in K & D team. The colleagues are super cool and outstanding. We collaborate with each other in every possible ways. Being a trainer is the ultimate dream job. There is always enthusiasm and the adrenaline is pushing moi to the give the best. Best ke? harusss acah2 perasan cam bagossss wlpn cam taakkk pon ahaaksss :p


Attention to batch 168...OJA is just round the corner...*ohhh bukan corner kedai pak abu atau ali cafe occay...huhuhu

Oleh itu, mari kite bersama2 berusaha dgn lebih tegar dalam bersiap sedia menghadapi OJA nanti. I wish u'ols all the best. Lets make it happen to the operation floor together. Amin :)

Together we unite and never divide *haruslaaaa...tgk kesepakatan dlm berpakaian sudaaa :) Go go go team!!!

Ok ok ok...tamat sudah slot utk work thingy. Jom citer psl perihal pisang plak. Anda mungkin pernah melihat kebesaran pisang tanduk seperti gambar di bawah tapi percaya lahhh that was my 1st time...perlulaaa dinyatakan di sini bahawasanye saya agak terkesima dan terjakun seketika. Ye, terima laa hakikat saya mmg peraqqq hahahaha :p

What on earth am moi thinking? Get amazed of the gigantic bananas. Hahaha *yes, i do (*_^)V

*Gorengggg pong codapppp muahahhaa

Catch yo later.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unstoppable Spenders :)

Beautiful Sunday to all,

We are the freak unstoppable spendthrifter and not to forget freaky foodie too. What a foxy sassy Sunday to spend with someone we close to...BEST GIRLFRIENDS! Pretty theraupatic girl-therapy combo of shopping and making our stomach happy too...lalalalala :)

At least thats our habitual routines on lovely Sunday before starting the same working day routines on the next bloomy Monday :)

Anyway, it's been a while since last hang out at the Times Square. No reason to come this far from damansara to KL while we can have almost everything at our nearby neighbour place to hang out. But, hell no...the same ordinary routine can actually puke us up...BORED!!!

So, we decide to change the place and how we go there. Public transport isnt really our way thou. Moi doesnt really bother about the human traffic but as we all know how hot Malaysia is so it's not quite convenient...very much not :(

So, our girls day out itinerary started point from A& parked car there. We acah2 go in like we want to have our meal but bumped into x-unitenian, bell :)

We took LRT train for our next destination to KL Sentral, then walking off to Monorail to go Times Square/ Sg. Wang...Goshh, we barely cant stand the heat plus the traffic chios plus the pollution...promise ourself not to use public transport again...not in this super humid hot weather *mau bley pengsan kt tgh jln yg sgt pns tu wey :(

So, our cam-whoring piccas tell the rest of the journey...*tetibe mls plak nk taip sbb dpt msg from someone ajk dating :)

Anyway, million thanks to Ms Seed for the lovely Hush hush Puppies shirts. We love it!!! :) *smbl shopping smbl beramal sedekah kwn2 sorg 1 t-shirt...terbaekkk :p

Ok, need to excuse moiself...gotta date to attend muahahaha *gediksss
Actually ade lg citer best psl polis bantuan yg gado gan Ms Put kt monorail. Sgt kelakar plus acah2 cuak gak r occay!!! Nnt la citer :p

Take care girls :)